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Auction + Shop + Want-to-Buy

Several possibilities on the same market place - just choose the right one for your special transaction.

What goes?

Nearly everyone may bid and buy.
Nearly everyone may offer and sell.
Nearly everything may be traded.
Nearly everybody can create his own market place.

...and why just nearly? Well, there are restrictions bidfun home cannot change. Stolen items or mothers in law e.g. may not be sold. There are goods (precisely: "bads") making most people feel uncomfortable. They are kicked out of bidfun home together with their sellers, whenever we find them.

Else there are few restrictions. If you want to sell your Eiffel Tower, you'll need to post it under "Miscellaneous". However, if the market for Eiffel Towers will grow substantially, we'll establish a separate cathegory.

And how goes  . . .

. . . bidfun generally?
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. . . registration?
. . . bidding (auction)?
. . . bargaining (auction, want to buy)?
. . . selling?
. . . want to buy?
. . . finshing a deal?

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