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Fig. 4

Seiko 6106C

no manual wind
sweep second
day: quickset by pushing the crown deeper, 2 languages
date: quickset by pushing the crown less deep
hack feature

12''', Dm= 27.0mm, Do= 27.4mm
H= 5.25mm
(dial spacer +0.2mm)
F= 1.7mm
T= 2.1mm
17/23/25 jewels
f = 21600 A/h
power reserve 46h

Balance staff Seiko 315611

Stem Seiko 354615 / Seiko 357612

Mainspring / battery
Seiko 401615

1.50 x 0.90 x 0.20mm

Comments about the data

Diafix combined settings for escapement wheel (if 23, 25 jewels)
sophisticated excenter self-winding mechanism with just one gear stage (Fig.4)

* ) quickset, turning crown (else pushing)
**) day in 2 languages
manual wind, 21600 A/h:
6100A: -
6102A: date
6110A: like 6100A, Railroad Watch
automatic, 21600 A/h:
6105A: date*
6105B: date*, hack feature
6106A: day, date, hack feature, 2 rotor screws
6106B: day, date, hack feature
6106C: day**, date, hack feature
6109A: day, date, smaller rotor
6117A: date*, GMT 24h
6117B: date*, GMT 24h, hack feature
6118A: date*
6119A: day, date, 2 rotor screws
6119B: day, date
6119C: day**, date
chronograph, 21600 A/h:
6138A: hour counter, day*/**, date*
6138B: same, modified switching mechanism
6138A: day**, date
6139B: same, modified switching mechanism
automatic, 36000 A/h:
6145A: date, Grand Seiko
6146A: day, date, Grand Seiko
6155A: date, GS Special
6156A: day, date, GS Special
6159A: date*, Diver 300
6159B: date*, hack feature, Diver 600
6185A: GS Veri Fine Adjusted
6185B: dito, hack feature
6186A: day, date, Unruhstop, GS Veri Fine Adjusted

Example, year: signature; shock device
1970: 6119C, Seiko, 6119C, Japan, 21 Jewels; Diashock
(Seiko 6119C)

Not for Sale!
The movements presented in this caliber finder are not for sale. This is only a data sheet for identification and evaluation of the movement calibre, as well as for approximate dating.

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