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Hi Folks,
apparently I was dead as a doornail since months, but only apparently. I'm running fairly again, enough to reanimate my watch activities again. It will take some time for all divisions, but it will be successful finally.
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ItemSold in Date High bid Reserve
176: Gents Universal Genève Manual Wind, Sub Second, 1949Auction2-14-07EUR 180.00EUR 180.00
185: Gents Nostra Favorit Manual Wind, ca. 1945 n.o.s.Auction2-14-07EUR 55.00EUR 55.00
197: Gents Universal Genève Bumper Automatic, Sub Second, 1951Auction2-14-07EUR 280.00EUR 280.00
169: Gents Certina Manual Wind, Sub Second, 18K Gold/Steel, ca. 1950Auction2-14-07EUR 98.00EUR 98.00
208: Gents Longines Manual Wind, Super Flat, 1977 n.o.s.Auction2-21-07EUR 280.00EUR 280.00
248: Gents Certina Manual Wind, ca. 1965Auction2-21-07EUR 67.00EUR 60.00
251: Gents Zenith Automatic, 1967Auction2-21-07EUR 189.00EUR 189.00
743: Ladies Certina Manual Wind, 14K Gold, Gold Bracelet, ca. 1965Auction2-28-07EUR 150.00EUR 150.00
927: Gents Gruen Precision Manual Wind, ca. 1960Auction3-7-07EUR 58.00EUR 58.00
937: Gents Longines Manual Wind, sub second, 1956Auction3-7-07EUR 190.00EUR 190.00
183: Gents Tissot Seastar Manual Wind, 1972Auction3-14-07EUR 89.00EUR 89.00
188: Gents Alpina Manual Wind, ca. 1950Auction3-14-07EUR 46.00EUR 45.00
198: Gents Certina DS Manual Wind, ca. 970Auction3-14-07EUR 45.00EUR 45.00
227: Gents Longines Manual Wind, Sub Second, 1966Auction3-21-07EUR 185.00EUR 185.00
240: Ladies Certina Manual Wind, ca. 1965 n.o.s.Auction3-21-07EUR 42.00EUR 42.00
244: Gents Bulova Manual Wind, Tank-Shape, 1932Auction3-21-07EUR 64.00EUR 64.00
252: Gents Eterna-Matic Big Automatic, Steel/Gold 18K, 1951Auction3-21-07EUR 140.00EUR 140.00
254: Gents Eterna-Matic Automatic, Steel/Gold 18K, 1957Auction3-21-07EUR 120.00EUR 120.00
255: Gents Eterna-Matic Centenaire 61 Automatic, Steel/Gold 18K, 1959Auction3-21-07EUR 155.00EUR 155.00
256: Gents Eterna-Matic Automatic, Steel/Gold 18K, very thin, 1966Auction3-21-07EUR 170.00EUR 170.00
260: Gents Tell (Fleurier) Manual Wind, Cushion Shape, ca. 1920Auction3-21-07EUR 9.00EUR 1.00
262: Gents Enicar Ocean Pearl Manual Wind, ca. 1970Auction3-21-07EUR 70.00EUR 70.00
270: Gents Mido Multifort Extra, Super-Automatic, 1952Auction3-21-07EUR 149.00EUR 149.00
271: Gents Mir Manual Wind, Fat Cat's Watch, ca. 1955Auction3-21-07EUR 61.00EUR 56.00
275: Gents Dugena Super Automatic, Micro Rotor, ca. 1960Auction3-21-07EUR 173.00EUR 145.00
280: Gents Tourist Manual Wind, Triostat Regulator, ca. 1955Auction3-21-07EUR 125.00EUR 125.00
984: Gents Magna Manual Wind, ca. 1950Auction3-28-07EUR 49.00EUR 49.00
989: Gents Tresor Siegerin (Alpina) Manual Wind, Military, ca. 1940Auction3-28-07EUR 59.00EUR 59.00
219: Gents Venus Manual Wind, Flat, ca. 1990 n.o.s.Auction4-11-07EUR 170.00EUR 170.00
228: Gents Zila Manual Wind, Sub Second, ca. 1940Auction4-11-07EUR 48.00EUR 48.00
269: Gents Tissot Manual Wind, Sub Second, 1940Auction4-11-07EUR 60.00EUR 59.00
149: Gents Alpina Manual Wind, ca. 1965Auction4-18-07EUR 60.00EUR 60.00
292: Gents Certina Golden Armour Manual Wind, Big, ca. 1955Auction4-18-07EUR 87.00EUR 85.00
298: Gents Roamer Manual Wind, Sub Second, ca. 1960Auction4-18-07EUR 48.00EUR 48.00
204: Gents Revue Thommen Airspeed Automatic Chronograph, 2002Auction4-25-07EUR 450.00EUR 450.00
192: Gents Tissot Automatic Navigator, Chronograph Lemania 1341, 1972Auction5-2-07EUR 395.00EUR 395.00
72: Gents Epos Manual Wind, Slim, NewShop5-8-07EUR 135.00EUR 135.00
225: Gents Renoma Manual-Wind Chronograph, ca. 1955Auction5-9-07EUR 140.00EUR 140.00
232: Gents Edox Automatic Delfin, 200m/660ft, ca. 1970Auction5-9-07EUR 75.00EUR 75.00
274: Gents Tissot Manual Wind, 1951Auction5-9-07EUR 95.00EUR 95.00
299: Gents Zenith Automatic, 1962Auction5-16-07EUR 195.00EUR 195.00
307: Gents Omega Speedmaster Professional Manual-Wind Chronograph,1966Auction5-16-07EUR 1270.00EUR 1100.00
308: Gents Poljot Manual-Wind Chronograph, Dual Time, 2006 n.o.s.Auction5-16-07EUR 132.00EUR 140.00
310: Gents Raetikon Automatic, ca. 1950 n.o.s.Auction5-16-07EUR 82.50EUR 82.50
312: Gents Alpina Manual Wind, Tank-Shape, ca. 1940Auction5-16-07EUR 85.00EUR 85.00
919: Gents Yema Manual-Wind Chronograph, Valjoux 92, ca. 1955Auction5-23-07EUR 210.00EUR 210.00
978: Gents Bulova Manual Wind, Curved Tonneau, 1937Auction5-23-07EUR 58.00EUR 58.00
999: Gents Cartier Pasha Automatic Chronograph, 1999Auction5-23-07EUR 0.00EUR 3200.00
110: Gents Berg Parat Manual Wind, ca. 1955Auction5-30-07EUR 16.00EUR 16.00
253: Gents Eterna-Matic Automatic, 1955Auction5-30-07EUR 140.00EUR 140.00
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