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Two Lume Pastes

Either zinc-sulphide based for partial restauration of old lume or Luminova for bright and long glow,

Both are not claimed to be the best and/or cheapest, since best and cheapest are enough out there. They are just optimized for easiest application and best durability.
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Dugena 1062 (Förster 1197)automatic11.5'''
Dugena 1063 (PUW 1363)automatic11.5'''
Dugena 1064 (PUW 1460)automatic11.5'''
Dugena 1065 (PUW 1461)automatic11.5'''
Dugena 1066 (ETA 1093)manual wind11.5'''
Dugena 1068 (Helvetia 834)manual wind11.5'''
Dugena 1069 (Helvetia 871, ETA 2502)manual wind11.5'''
Dugena 1080 (ETA 2550)automatic7.75'''
Dugena 1081 (ETA 2551)automatic7.75'''
Dugena 1082 (Buren 04)automatic7.75'''
Dugena 1083 (Buren 06)automatic7.75'''
Dugena 1091 (Förster 220)automatic11.5'''
Dugena 1092 (Förster 222)automatic11.5'''
Dugena 110 (Helvetia 120, Cortebert 654)manual wind5.75 x 6.75'''
Dugena 1100 (Kasper 900, 901)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1101 (Kasper 901)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1102 (Kasper 1400)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1109 (Förster 200)manual wind11.5'''
Dugena 111 (Helvetia 120, Cortebert 654)manual wind5.75 x 6.75'''
Dugena 1110 (Förster 51)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1115 (AS 1746)manual wind11.5'''
Dugena 1116 (AS 1747)manual wind11.5'''
Dugena 1117 (AS 1690)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1121 (Osco 1060)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1144 (Förster 152, 1152)manual wind10.5 / 11.5'''
Dugena 1146 (Osco 600)manual wind11.5'''
Dugena 1147 (Durowe 1258)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1148 (Durowe 450)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1149 (Bifora 910(CLD))manual wind11.5'''
Dugena 1150 (Bifora 113)manual wind11.5'''
Dugena 1151 (Bifora 113(CLDD))manual wind11.5'''
Dugena 1152 (Bifora 113(CLDR))manual wind11.5'''
Dugena 1153 (Osco 100)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1153/7 (Osco 100)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1154 (Osco 107)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1155 (Osco 400)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1156 (Osco 108)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1157 (Osco 66)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1158 (Osco 66D)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1159 (Otero 401)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1160 (Otero 44)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1161 (Otero 441)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1162 (Otero 40)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1163 (Otero 411)manual wind11.5'''
Dugena 1164 (Otero 144)manual wind10.5'''
Dugena 1165 (Otero 71)manual wind11.5'''
Dugena 1166 (Otero 712)manual wind11.5'''
Dugena 1168 (Otero 72, -74)manual wind11.5'''
Dugena 1169 (Otero 722, -742)manual wind11.5'''
Dugena 1170 (ETA 2363)manual wind7.75'''
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