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3303: Stem for Special Movements

Stem for special movements, or those called today manufacture movements e.g. Certina, Eterna, Gruen, IWC, Lange, Omega, Rolex etc. but also movements from large-volume producers in watches with particular collectors interest, due to the design or special complications.
Some stems are also available as split stem. Please add in this case a remark like wp, waterproof, split...to your entry.

Please enter the desired stem in the form on the right

Sorry, the stocks are not very large, and many stems will not be available. If a missing part can be obtained from other sources, you'll receive an offer. This can last some days, and often the price will be higher.

It can't be the purpose oft this page to start a long email correspondence, to find out what you really need. If your entries refering the needed part are wrong or unsufficient, be sure you'll get either the wrong part or nothing.
†††† Unfortunately the responsibility† for a wrong delivery is usually left to the supplier, and wrong deliveries accordingly often happen. To enable me for this tiny service, I apply what ever EU laws allow, regarding the refund for special items under EUR 40.00: Refund is restricted to the price of the item - the charge for shipping forth and back is left to the buyer.

Sold in Shop

Date 8-3-15

High bid EUR 18.00

Reserve EUR 18.00

Not for Sale!
The item presented here is not for sale. It was offered or sold as mentioned above a longer time ago. This archive is just a market overview and price guide, e.g. for evaluation of comparable items.

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