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3506: Hardener for Luminous Pastes and Hand Paints

Preliminary  Remark
Compared with polyester- or epoxy resins this hardener works rather slowly, together with luminous pastes 3500, 3501 and lacquers 3503, 3504. The advantage is a long processing periode, but curing to the final high mechanical and chemical resistance lasts long. Moreover the hardener is expensive, because only a tiny fraction of the purchased minimum order quantity can be retailed.
     So better consider common resins or glues as alternative, before using the hardener to extend the appplication fields of the materials offered here.

Quantity: 2ml
Shelf life: minimum 1 year, stored in dark place with maximum 20°C (68°F)
In the present delivery form are no safety data sheet and no health labelling required.
Main features: The hardener provides cross linking of the luminous pastes 3500, 3501 and the lacquers 3503, 3504. This makes them chemically and mechanically more resistant, and moreover rather thick layers cure faster. For the most applications the hardener is useless, but there are exceptions:
1)  If deeply milled markers or digits in bezels are filled with lumeor lacquer, the higher end hardness and faster curing is rather usefull.
2) The hand lacquers together with hardener can be used as so-called cold enamel, since the hardener provides uniform curing of rather thick layers. Especially the white lacque can be used to repair enamel dials, and by adding clear lacquer, even the occasionally slightly translucent enamel can be simulated, making the repair spots less visible..Accordingly with the other colors or with toned clear lacquer also other enamel damages can be repaired.
3) When glueing fallen off digits or markers to dials, the slow curing of clear lacquer with hardener is an advantage: Aleady after 15 minutes the placed part will not fall off, and even after hours its position can be corrected, and it still can be picked off and newly glued. But after some days it is fixed like with a 3K glue.

An optimum is 10% hardener for luminous pasts and colored lacquers, and 15% for clear lacquers (volume percents). As mostly tiny portions are prepared, precise dosing is difficult. But uniform results are achieved from 5% to 15% hardener (10% to 20% for clear lacquers).
     For dosing e.g. one drop hardener and 9 equally sized drops lume/lacquer (6 drops clear lacquer) are put on a glossy surface (sheet metal, old watch crystal), and stirred together.
     Curing is slow, and the stirred material can be processed for 10 hours, if it doesn't dry earlier by evaprrating solvent. With a temperature of 20°C (68°F), the material is after 24 hours reasonably stable. But it needs 6 days to reach the final resistance. With 40"C (104°F) the final performance is already reached after 24 hours. Higher temperatures should not by applied.

Evern smallest quantities of hardener will cure lume pasts and lacquers. So alsways use three separate tools: One to stir and pick up lume or lacquer, another to pick up hardener, and a third to stirr both components. It is not sufficient to clean one tool, since tinyest quantities of hardener will reduce the shelf life of lume or lacquer remarkably. For the same reason never swap caps. It is a good idea anyway, to close any bottle with its cap immediately after picking up a portion. This especially applies to the hardener, becaus it is damaged by humidity.

Sold in Shop

Date 3-16-17

High bid EUR 5.00

Reserve EUR 5.00

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