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Two Lume Pastes

Either zinc-sulphide based for partial restauration of old lume or Luminova for bright and long glow,

Both are not claimed to be the best and/or cheapest, since best and cheapest are enough out there. They are just optimized for easiest application and best durability.
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ItemSold in Date High bid Reserve
3177e: Revue 30, Open-Face Movement, 1910Shop2-15-18EUR 35.00EUR 35.00
3091b: Girard-Perregaux 21.0, Automatic Movement, ca. 1960Shop2-18-18EUR 75.00EUR 75.00
3014g: AS 1700 / Pierce 110, Automatic Movement, ca. 1960Shop2-20-18EUR 25.00EUR 25.00
3302: Stem for Average MovementsShop2-21-18EUR 9.50EUR 9.50
3500: Luminous Paste, ZnS BasedShop3-8-18EUR 14.00EUR 14.00
3003a: Alpina 466, Manual Wind Movement, ca. 1955Shop3-11-18EUR 10.00EUR 10.00
3019d: Aurore-Villeret 423, Manual Wind Movement, ca. 1965Shop3-11-18EUR 12.00EUR 12.00
3053f: ETA 2442, Manual Wind Movement, ca.1960Shop3-13-18EUR 12.00EUR 12.00
3178: Seiko 63A, Manual Wind Movement, ca. 1980Shop4-20-18EUR 12.00EUR 12.00
3302: Stem for Average MovementsShop4-29-18EUR 9.50EUR 9.50
3505: Thinner for Luminous Pastes and Hand PaintsShop5-19-18EUR 2.50EUR 2.50
3504: Hand Lacquer matteShop6-15-18EUR 3.00EUR 3.00
3501a: Luminous Paste / Lume Paint, Luminova, Professional SetShop6-25-18EUR 22.00EUR 22.00
3500a: Luminous Paste / Lume Paint, ZnS Based, Professional SetShop7-3-18EUR 20.00EUR 20.00
3045b: Cyma 386K, Manual Wind Movement, ca.1960Shop7-6-18EUR 14.00EUR 14.00
3305: Standard Mainspring NivaflexShop8-25-18EUR 16.00EUR 16.00
3076g: FHF 69-21 / Dugena 3602, Manual Wind Movement, ca. 1975Shop9-21-18EUR 6.00EUR 6.00
3050b: ETA 980, Manual Wind Movement, ca. 1950Shop9-21-18EUR 10.00EUR 10.00
3042a: Cortebert 712 (Moeris 400), Manual Wind Movement, ca. 1955Shop9-21-18EUR 12.00EUR 12.00
3014d: AS 1537, Manual Wind Movement, ca. 1955Shop9-21-18EUR 9.00EUR 9.00
3017c: AS 5200, Manual Wind Movement, n.o.s.Shop9-21-18EUR 15.00EUR 15.00
3029a: Buser 6, Manual Wind Movement, ca. 1950Shop9-21-18EUR 9.00EUR 9.00
3055: ETA 2512, Manual Wind Movement, ca. 1965Shop9-21-18EUR 10.00EUR 10.00
3066: Eterna 12660B, Manual Wind Movement, ca. 1975Shop9-21-18EUR 12.00EUR 12.00
3198c: Zodiac 605 (FHF 605), Manual Wind Movement, ca. 1960Shop9-21-18EUR 11.00EUR 11.00
3074j: Felsa 4062 / Dugena 1206, Manual Wind Movement, ca. 1960Shop9-27-18EUR 10.00EUR 10.00
3014i: AS 1758, Manual Wind Movement, ca. 1970Shop9-27-18EUR 8.00EUR 8.00
3131a: Langendorf 600, Manual Wind Movement, ca. 1960Shop9-27-18EUR 9.00EUR 9.00
3514: Cleaning Compound Rodico Green, BergeonShop10-2-18EUR 6.00EUR 6.00
3053c: ETA 2410, Manual Wind Movement, ca.1965Shop10-11-18EUR 9.00EUR 9.00
3511: Silicone Gasket Sealant for WatchesShop10-25-18EUR 4.00EUR 4.00
3173b: PUW 74, Manual Wind Movement, ca. 1965Shop11-27-18EUR 9.00EUR 9.00
3049c: Elgin 770, Manual Wind Movement, ca. 1960Shop12-18-18EUR 19.00EUR 19.00
3174a: PUW 360, Manual Wind Movement, ca. 1968 n.o.s.Shop12-18-18EUR 18.00EUR 18.00
3167a: Osco 1064, Automatic Movement, ca. 1960Shop12-29-18EUR 25.00EUR 25.00
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