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Two Lume Pastes

Either zinc-sulphide based for partial restauration of old lume or Luminova for bright and long glow,

Both are not claimed to be the best and/or cheapest, since best and cheapest are enough out there. They are just optimized for easiest application and best durability.
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ItemSold in Date High bid Reserve
1555: Gents Kienzle, Military Style, ca. 1950Auction6-27-18EUR 42.00EUR 42.00
1561: Gents Lemania Chronograph, Silver, 1919Auction6-27-18EUR 285.00EUR 280.00
1550: Gents Movado, Silber, ca. 1930Auction8-7-18EUR 135.00EUR 135.00
1522: Gents Lip Type Courant, ca. 1920Auction8-29-18EUR 65.00EUR 65.00
1563: Aristo-Valjoux Split Second Stop Watch, ca.1950Auction8-29-18EUR 85.00EUR 85.00
1527: Gents Kienzle, ca.1930Auction9-26-18EUR 45.00EUR 45.00
1562: Gents FEF, Military Watch, ca.1935Auction9-26-18EUR 110.00EUR 110.00
1564: Gents A. Michel, Military-Style Dress Watch, 1936Auction9-26-18EUR 51.00EUR 48.00
1447: Gents Kienzle, ca. 1955Auction9-28-18EUR 33.00EUR 33.00
1506: Gents Anonymous, ca. 1905Auction10-31-18EUR 55.00EUR 55.00
1520: Gents Parrenin, ca. 1920Auction10-31-18EUR 90.00EUR 90.00
1544: Gents Revue, Silver, ca. 1905Auction10-31-18EUR 48.00EUR 48.00
1558: Gents Faverges (Minerva), Silver, 1903Auction10-31-18EUR 103.00EUR 95.00
1566: Hanhart Amigo, Flyback Stop Watch, 1979Auction10-31-18EUR 26.00EUR 26.00
1569: Gents Record, ca. 1940Auction10-31-18EUR 58.00EUR 58.00
1570: Gents Junghans Hunter, Blind Persons Watch, ca. 1940Auction10-31-18EUR 85.00EUR 85.00
1576: Gents Cortébert, Silver, ca. 1910Auction11-28-18EUR 69.00EUR 69.00
1579: Gents Elgin Hunter, 1909Auction11-28-18EUR 120.00EUR 120.00
1580: Gents Moeris, Military, ca. 1940Auction11-28-18EUR 155.00EUR 155.00
1582: Gents Eterna, Silver, 1915Auction11-28-18EUR 90.00EUR 90.00
1586: Gents Molnia, Slim Version, 1967Auction11-28-18EUR 40.00EUR 40.00
1460: Gents Exact (Kaiser), 1962Auction12-12-18EUR 28.00EUR 28.00
1571: Gents Kienzle, ca. 1945Auction12-12-18EUR 25.00EUR 25.00
1577: Gents Favre Frères, Silver, ca. 1910Auction12-12-18EUR 60.00EUR 60.00
1578: Gents Helvetia Dress Watch, Silver, ca.1930Auction12-12-18EUR 59.00EUR 59.00
1581: Gents Ankra / Cortébert, ca. 1920Auction12-12-18EUR 55.00EUR 55.00
1583: Gents Haka, ca. 1930Auction12-12-18EUR 35.00EUR 35.00
1556: Gents Simon (Perfecta), Silver, ca. 1925Auction12-26-18EUR 78.00EUR 78.00
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