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Hi Folks,
apparently I was dead as a doornail since months, but only apparently. I'm running fairly again, enough to reanimate my watch activities again. It will take some time for all divisions, but it will be successful finally.
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Junghans 623.01manual wind11.5'''
Junghans 623.05manual wind11.5'''
Junghans 623.20manual wind11.5'''
Junghans 623.21manual wind11.5'''
Junghans 623.25manual wind11.5'''
Junghans 625.00automatic11.5'''
Junghans 625.20automatic11.5'''
Junghans 625.21automatic11.5'''
Junghans 625.25automatic11.5'''
Junghans 628.00 (628)timer19.5'''
Junghans 628.01 (628/01)timer19.5'''
Junghans 628.02 (628/02)timer19.5'''
Junghans 628.11 (628/11)timer19.5'''
Junghans 628.70 (J28)timer20.5'''
Junghans 628.71 (J28/11)timer20.5'''
Junghans 628.72 (J28/2)timer20.5'''
Junghans 628.73 (J28/1)timer20.5'''
Junghans 629.70 (J29a)timer18.5'''
Junghans 640.01 (ETA 2412)manual wind6.75'''
Junghans 640.03 (ETA 2510)manual wind7.75'''
Junghans 642 (AS 5008)automatic alarm13.5'''
Junghans 650.00 (J50, AS 1525)manual wind10.5'''
Junghans 651.00 (ETA 2451)automatic11.5'''
Junghans 651.02 (ETA 2452, 2472)automatic11.5'''
Junghans 651.10 (ETA 2451)automatic11.5'''
Junghans 651.12 (ETA 2452)automatic11.5'''
Junghans 651.13 (ETA 2452)automatic11.5'''
Junghans 653.00 (Durowe 7525...7525/2)automatic11.5'''
Junghans 653.01 (Durowe 7526...7526/2)automatic11.5'''
Junghans 653.02 (Durowe 7527...7527/2)automatic11.5'''
Junghans 655.02 (Förster 420)automatic7.75'''
Junghans 655.03 (Förster 422)automatic7.75'''
Junghans 660.70 (ETA 2440)manual wind6'''
Junghans 661.00 (ETA 2442)manual wind6'''
Junghans 670.00 (J70, Peseux 340)manual wind5.75 x 6.75'''
Junghans 670.01 (J70, Peseux 340)manual wind5.75 x 6.75'''
Junghans 670.05 (PUW 73)manual wind5.75 x 6.75'''
Junghans 670.06 (PUW 73)manual wind5.75 x 6.75'''
Junghans 670.60 (PUW 1075)manual wind5.75 x 6.75'''
Junghans 670.61 (PUW 1075)manual wind5.75 x 6.75'''
Junghans 672.00manual wind5.75 x 6.75'''
Junghans 672.01manual wind5.75 x 6.75'''
Junghans 674.00manual wind6.75 x 8'''
Junghans 674.01manual wind6.75 x 8'''
Junghans 674.10manual wind6.75 x 8'''
Junghans 678.70 (J78)manual wind5.75 x 8.75'''
Junghans 679.70 (J79)manual wind5.75 x 6.75'''
Junghans 679.71 (J79/S)manual wind5.75 x 6.75'''
Junghans 679.80 (J79)manual wind5.75 x 6.75'''
Junghans 679.81 (J79/S)manual wind5.75 x 6.75'''
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