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ItemSold in Date High bid Reserve
1056: Gents Tissot Stylist hunter white gold 14K, 1968Auction10-20-04~US$ 352.42~US$ 352.42
1013: Gents hunter, ca. 1920Auction11-17-04~US$ 117.47~US$ 117.47
1008: Gents N. Salter minute repeater, hunter gold 14K, ca. 1890Auction12-15-04~US$ 2936.85~US$ 2936.85
1040: Gents Sola G.T. (Revue Thommen) Hunter, 14K Gold, ca. 1915Auction12-15-04~US$ 446.40~US$ 446.40
1030: Gents Vacheron & Constantin hunter, gold 14K, 1920ebay3-6-05~US$ 1303.96~US$ 1303.96
1059: Gents Quarter Repeater with Chronograph, Hunter 14K Gold, ca. 1890ebay3-6-05~US$ 2361.23~US$ 2361.23
1060: Gents Andrew Smith Verge Fusee with Stop Second, Pair Case, 1801ebay3-6-05~US$ 528.63~US$ 528.63
10620: Ladies Vacheron & Constantin, Open Face 18K Gold, 1908ebay3-6-05~US$ 898.68~US$ 898.68
1063: Gents Vacheron & Constantin, Lever Chronometer, Open Face, 14K, 1910ebay3-6-05~US$ 1066.66~US$ 1066.66
1067: Gents Zenith with Cam Disc Regulator, Open Face Silver, 1909ebay3-6-05~US$ 247.87~US$ 247.87
1065: Gents Waltham Vanguard, Heavy Hunter 14K Gold, 1901Auction3-21-05~US$ 0.00~US$ 1057.27
1041: Gents IWC hunter gold 14K, 1903Auction3-23-05~US$ 1022.02~US$ 1022.02
1069: Gents Paul Garnier Minu-Stop (Parking Timer), open face, ca. 196Auction3-23-05~US$ 176.21~US$ 176.21
1044: Gents Quarter Repeater, Open Face 14K Gold, ca. 1920Auction4-20-05~US$ 1127.75~US$ 1127.75
1068: Gents Déchoudens Verge Fusee, Early Hunter 18K Gold, ca. 1780Auction4-20-05~US$ 704.84~US$ 704.84
1061: Gents Minute Repeater with Chronograph, Open Face 14K Gold, 1912Auction5-18-05~US$ 2936.85~US$ 2936.85
1071: Gents Waltham Second-Aperture, Open Face 14K White Gold, 1929Auction5-18-05~US$ 458.15~US$ 458.15
1023: Gents hunter, quarter repeater, gold enamel-painting, ca.1900Auction5-23-05~US$ 6578.54~US$ 6578.54
1043: Gents IWC hunter gold 14K, 1917Auction5-23-05~US$ 1233.48~US$ 1233.48
1020: Gents Jules Jürgensen open face gold 14K, 1926Auction6-15-05~US$ 1116.00~US$ 1116.00
1010: Gents Mc.Master & Son Dublin Chronometer, Gold 18K, 1858Auction8-25-05~US$ 0.00~US$ 3876.64
1019: Gents Jules Jürgensen Hunter Gold 18K, 1855Auction8-25-05~US$ 2878.11~US$ 3054.32
1073: Gents Ulysse Nardin, Türler, Open Face 14K Gold, ca. 1925Auction9-14-05~US$ 693.10~US$ 693.10
1006: Gents Zeno Pilot Pocket-Travel Alarm, Hunter, NewAuction10-5-05~US$ 205.58~US$ 205.58
1075: Gents Hamilton 916, 14K Gold, 1940Auction11-23-05~US$ 422.91~US$ 422.91
1076: Gents J.F. Cooper, 18K Gold, ca. 1850Auction12-14-05~US$ 763.58~US$ 763.58
1101: Gents L.Baulot Quarter Repeater, Hunter 18K Gold, ca. 1880Auction12-17-05~US$ 2114.53~US$ 2114.53
1104: Gents Wm Steward English Lever, Hunter Gold 18K, 1875Auction12-17-05~US$ 1014.98~US$ 939.79
1106: Gents Leon Guinand Chronograph Rattrapante, 14K Gold, ca. 1900Auction12-17-05~US$ 2523.34~US$ 2466.95
1010: Gents J.Sewill Chronometerwith Up/Down Display, Gold 18K, 1874Auction12-17-05~US$ 4651.97~US$ 2701.90
1114: Gents Berthoud Quarter Repeater, Verge Fusee, 18K Gold, ca. 1810Auction12-17-05~US$ 1550.66~US$ 1550.66
1115: Gents Verneaux Cylinder Date, Gold 22K, ca. 1775Auction12-17-05~US$ 2537.44~US$ 2290.74
1116: Gents Gudin Verge Fusee, Four-Color 18K Gold, ca. 1770Auction12-17-05~US$ 1643.70~US$ 1643.70
1117: Gents Thos. Russell & Son, Captains Hunter Gold 18K, 1905Auction12-17-05~US$ 986.78~US$ 933.92
1119: Gents Lequin & Yersin Chronometer, Hunter, 18K Gold, ca. 1880Auction12-17-05~US$ 2960.34~US$ 2584.43
1120: Gents Lecoutre Memovox Date GMT, Alarm, 14K Gold, 1966Auction12-17-05~US$ 1170.04~US$ 1162.99
1121: Gents Eardley Norton Quarter Repeater, Verge Fusee, ca. 1790Auction12-17-05~US$ 3383.25~US$ 3171.80
1123: Gents Denis Brothers Captains Watch, Up/Down, 18K Gold, 1869Auction12-17-05~US$ 2255.50~US$ 2255.50
1124: Medium Barraud & Lunds Highest Grade Half-Hunter, 18K Gold, 1873Auction12-17-05~US$ 1550.66~US$ 1468.43
1132: Gents IWC, 14K Pink Gold, 1913Auction12-17-05~US$ 1127.75~US$ 810.57
1135: Gents Patek-Philippe, Early Chronometro Gondolo, 18K Gold, 1872Auction12-17-05~US$ 1691.63~US$ 1527.16
1136: Gents Patek, Philippe & Co. Hunter, Enameled 18K Gold, 1868Auction12-17-05~US$ 1480.17~US$ 1480.17
1138: Gents Jean-Antoine Lepine Quarter Repeater (à toc), 18K Gold Enamel, 1783Auction12-17-05~US$ 7048.44~US$ 7048.44
1042: Gents IWC Hunter, 14K Gold, 1910Auction1-4-06~US$ 1162.99~US$ 1162.99
1081: Ladies Louis Audemars / Dent, 18K Gold Enamel, ca. 1850Auction1-4-06~US$ 458.15~US$ 458.15
1090: Gents Glading Minute Repeater, Half Hunter 18K Gold, ca. 1870Auction1-11-06~US$ 2819.38~US$ 2819.38
1091: Gents Touchon & Co Geneva Minute Repeater, 18K Gold, ca. 1910Auction1-11-06~US$ 2925.10~US$ 2925.10
1095: Gents E. Howard Boston, 14K Gold, 1913, Box PapersAuction1-11-06~US$ 822.32~US$ 822.32
1094: Gents E. Howard Boston, 14K Gold, 1915, Box PapersAuction1-14-06~US$ 704.84~US$ 704.84
1080: Gents Grimalde & Johnson, Duplex, Heavy 18K Gold Hunter, 1824ebay1-15-06~US$ 1618.79~US$ 1618.79
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