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Two Lume Pastes

Either zinc-sulphide based for partial restauration of old lume or Luminova for bright and long glow,

Both are not claimed to be the best and/or cheapest, since best and cheapest are enough out there. They are just optimized for easiest application and best durability.
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ItemSold in Date High bid Reserve
501: Gents Elgin Streamline, open face, 1926Auction1-1-03~US$ 241.92~US$ 241.92
508: Ladies Seeland, open f. silver enamel w. brooch, ca. 1940 n.o.s.Auction1-1-03~US$ 177.78~US$ 177.78
579: Gents Waltham, pillow-shaped open face, 1913Auction1-1-03~US$ 213.79~US$ 213.79
517: Ladies half hunter, gold enamel 18K, 1911Shop1-18-03~US$ 506.34~US$ 551.35
502: Gents DUF A. Lange & Söhne Glashütte open face ebay2-26-03~US$ 1867.85~US$ 2025.38
505: Gents Patek Philippe & Cie Genève open face gold 14K,ebay2-26-03~US$ 2127.77~US$ 2025.38
516: Gents Hamilton 4992B G.C.T. 24h-military, open face, 1944Auction2-26-03~US$ 472.59~US$ 472.59
528: Ladies Longines open face gold-enamel 14K, 1913Auction3-19-03~US$ 753.89~US$ 753.89
530: Gents IWC hunter, gold 18K, 1967Auction3-19-03~US$ 1839.72~US$ 1800.34
535: Gents DUF A. Lange & Söhne Glashütte open face gold 14K, 1913Auction3-19-03~US$ 3038.07~US$ 3375.63
543: Gents N. Burnett verge, silver pair case, 1748Auction3-19-03~US$ 1012.69~US$ 1012.69
515: Gents Hamilton 917 open face, 1949Auction3-26-03~US$ 225.04~US$ 225.04
572: Ladies open face, gold-piqué dial, gold 14K, ca. 1900Auction3-26-03~US$ 230.67~US$ 230.67
599: Gents open face, coin silver, ca. 1900Auction3-26-03~US$ 61.89~US$ 61.89
520: Gents DuBois hunter, ca. 1930Auction4-23-03~US$ 112.52~US$ 112.52
521: Gents Drusus hunter, ca. 1920Auction4-23-03~US$ 112.52~US$ 112.52
507: Gents IWC Art Deco open face gold 18K, 1919Auction5-21-03~US$ 990.18~US$ 990.18
514: Gents Illinois Sterling open face, 1925Auction5-21-03~US$ 315.06~US$ 315.06
525: Ladies miniature hunter, gold 18K, ca. 1900Auction5-21-03~US$ 393.82~US$ 393.82
544: Ladies open face, coin silver, ca. 1910Auction5-21-03~US$ 56.26~US$ 56.26
1005: Gents Edox open face, ca. 1950 n.o.s.Auction7-23-03~US$ 67.51~US$ 67.51
1017: Gents Waltham Vanguard 23J open face, 1903Auction7-23-03~US$ 438.83~US$ 438.83
1001: Ring watch Jenny manual wind, rhodium, ca. 1955 n.o.s.Auction8-20-03~US$ 292.55~US$ 157.53
1002: Ring watch Edox manual wind, ca. 1945 n.o.s.Auction8-20-03~US$ 112.52~US$ 112.52
1003: Pendant watch Jenny, silver, with brooch, ca. 1945 n.o.s.Auction8-20-03~US$ 135.03~US$ 135.03
1004: Ball watch Jenny, silver enameled withnecklace, ca. 1945 n.o.s.Auction9-17-03~US$ 146.28~US$ 146.28
1022: Gents Patek Philippe & Cie Genève open face gold 18K, 1910Auction9-17-03~US$ 2700.50~US$ 2700.50
1034: Gents Starr & Moss open face, 1913Auction9-17-03~US$ 180.03~US$ 180.03
1006: Gents Harvard split-second chronograph, open face gold 14K, 1906Auction1-7-04~US$ 1687.82~US$ 1687.82
1029: Ladies Vacheron & Constantin hunter, gold 14K, 1909Auction1-7-04~US$ 1125.21~US$ 1125.21
1037: Ball watch Jenny, silver enameled, with necklace, ca. 1945 n.o.sAuction1-7-04~US$ 146.28~US$ 146.28
1039: Gents IWC open face, silver. 1910Auction1-7-04~US$ 337.56~US$ 337.56
1035: Gents Gigandet hunter gold 14K, ca. 1960Auction2-4-04~US$ 180.03~US$ 180.03
1036: Gents Record Watch Co Geneve, open face, niello silver, ca. 1930Auction2-4-04~US$ 180.03~US$ 180.03
1032: Gents Grande Complication, hunter gold 18K, ca. 1900Auction2-25-04~US$ 6751.26~US$ 6751.26
1038: Gents open face, gold 14K, ca. 1900Auction2-25-04~US$ 236.29~US$ 236.29
1012: Gents Junghans hunter, ca. 1925Auction3-24-04~US$ 112.52~US$ 112.52
1031: Gents Pateck Genève hunter, pink gold 14K, ca. 1890Auction3-24-04~US$ 776.39~US$ 776.39
1007: Gents Eberhard&Co minute rep. chrono, hunter gold 18K, ca. 1915Auction4-18-04~US$ 0.00~US$ 2531.72
1046: Ladies Waltham hunter, gold 14K with diamond, 1901Auction7-28-04~US$ 202.54~US$ 202.54
1054: Gents Thompson Genève open face gold 18K, ca. 1850Auction8-25-04~US$ 208.16~US$ 208.16
1009: Gents Jno. Gaydon English lever, open face gold 18K, 1883ebay9-12-04~US$ 688.63~US$ 688.63
1048: Gents Lemania chronograph, open face niello silver 800, ca. 192ebay9-12-04~US$ 262.40~US$ 262.40
1052: Gents Omega hunter gold 14K, 1924ebay9-12-04~US$ 514.22~US$ 514.22
1053: Gents Patek, Philippe & Cie Chronometro Gondolo, pink gold 18K, 1ebay9-12-04~US$ 3161.84~US$ 3161.84
1015: Gents Mobile hunter, gold 14K, ca. 1910Auction9-22-04~US$ 427.58~US$ 427.58
1021: Gents Molyneaux hunter gold 18K, ca. 1855Auction9-22-04~US$ 888.92~US$ 888.92
1025: Gents Nicole & Capt, 5-min repeater, hunter gold 18K, 1874Auction10-12-04~US$ 4275.80~US$ 4275.80
1018: Gents IWC open face gold 14K, 1913Auction10-20-04~US$ 1293.99~US$ 1293.99
1045: Ladies Waltham hunter, gold 14K, 1892Auction10-20-04~US$ 331.94~US$ 331.94
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