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Fig. 4

Molnia 3602 H3.5 (Chelyabinsk)

stem wind and set
sub second

16''', Dm= 36.0mm, Do= 36.5mm
H= 3.5mm
(winding gear +0.15mm)
F= 0.5mm
T= 1.7mm
15 jewels
f = 18000 A/h
power-reserve 36h

Balance staff U3209

Stem W1893

1.88 x 0.98 / 0.25mm

Comments about the data

open face calibre
occasional transliteration: Molnija

Russian movements were often introduced with a pretty name, like Molnia (=lightning).
Later the movements got number codes which are often misinterpreted as calibre designation. Actually the first pair of digits indicate the diameter im millimeters (36mm here), the second the main features, e.g. 02 for manual wind with sub second and without shock devices, or 03 for the same with shock devices.
While other movements got suffixes like 1, 2 or H, 2H (for new and even newer), the designations for this long line of movements remained unchanged, although many modifications were applied. Even the older 3.5mm high variants and the newer with 4.65mm got no different designations, although they have almost no common parts.

Also the character of the designation Molnia changed with time. First it was a calibre name, which is also written on the older variants made by the 2nd Watch Factory (brand Slava); accordingly these variants are occasionally called Slava 3602. When production was tranfered to the Chelyabinsk Watch Factory the designation remained, but extended with 3602. Molnia alone became a model name for watches with this movement. Later Molnia was registered as trademark of the Chelyabinsk Watch Factory, and the movements got the Molnia logo, a dial with hands.

Unfortunately different sources give scarcely consistent informations about the evolution of these movements. This archive therefore restricts to existing samples, their features, and production periodes, as far as can be taken from signatures and informations from first owners. The respective signatures are translated. This should do for a first estimation and for successful sourcing of spare parts.

*) narrow stripes, **) Geneva stripes, ***) no decoration
3602 H= 3.5mm 2nd Watch Factory:
1948-1950: * signatures: 15 jewels, ratchet wheel: Molnia, Salut
1951-1955: ** signatures: 15 jewels, ratchet wheel: Molnia
1955-1963: ** signatures, 15/17 jewels, ratchet wheel: Molnia, Iskra
3602 H= 3.5mm, Chelyabinsk Watch Factory:
1951: * signatures: early logo (with star), 15 jewels
1952-1954: ** signatures: early logo (with star), 15 jewels
1954-1967 (Fig.1-2): ** signatures: new logo (443), 15 jewels
1965-1968: ** signatures: Molnia logo (dial) under balance, 15 jewels
1968 (Fig.3-4): *** signatures: Molnia logo (dial) under balance, 15 jewels
3602: H= 4.65mm Chelyabinsk Watch Factory:
1960-: ** cam disc regulator, crown wheel with separate gear for the winding pinion, mounted with 2 screws, cap-jewel settings, heavy balance with 18 screws, signatures: new logo (443), 18 jewels
1965-: ** like above, but signatures: Molnia logo under balance, 18 jewels
1967: *** else like above
1967-: *** like above, but cap jewels without settings
ca. 1970: *** long regulator lever (no longer cam disc), signatures: Molnia logo under balance or on bridge, 18 jewels
ca. 1970-: *** short regulator lever, signatures: Molnia logo on bridge, 18 jewels
ca. 1975-1984: *** over all coarser finish, lighter balance with 12 screws to compensate higher friction losses, crown wheel with single gear for winding pinion and ratchet wheel, mounted with one screw, signatures: SU, Molnia logo under balance
1984-1985: *** like above, but additional date signature, until now noticed: 84 3 ... 85 3
ca. 1985-2008: *** base plate modified, setting-lever pin instead screw, winding wheels often without sunburst finish, signatures: uncertain, SU and/or Molnia logo under balance
3608: sweep second, base: 3602 H3.5 Chelyabinsk:
1957-1966: *** signatures: like contemporary base movements, but 16 jewels and no calibre signature
3617: chronograph on base movement 3602 H= 3.5mm 2nd Watch Factory:
ca. 1952-1959: *** signatures: like contemporary base movements, but 19 jewels and no calibre signature

Example, year: signature; shock device
1-2) 1967, 235200, 443, 1-67, 15 Kamnei (15 jewels)
3-4) 1968: 114529, Molnia, 3502, A, 15 Kamnei (15 jewels)

Not for Sale!
The movements presented in this caliber finder are not for sale. This is only a data sheet for identification and evaluation of the movement calibre, as well as for approximate dating.

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