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Fig. 1

3504: Hand Lacquer matte

Quantity: 3ml, screw bottle
Shelf life: minimum 5 years, stored in dark place with maximum 20C (68F)
Main features: All lacquers 3603 and 3504 may be mixed to achieve the desired color and surface (from glossy to matte). The laquers cover the background even if applied rather thin, and spread quickly and uniformly over the surface. Hands can be painted so thin that the surface shape is hardly affected. As the lacquer doesn't shrink significantly when curing, also a thick coating with convex surface can be realized.
In the present delivery form are no safety data sheet and no health labelling required.

Available colors:
1) white
2) black
3) red
4) yellow
5) green
6) blue
7) clear, no pigment
Please enter desired color on top right

Before use the lacquer should be thoroughly stirred. For a thick convex coating the lacquer can be used as delivered. Take a drop with a thin item (needle, dip oiler, toothpick), and sweep it over the hand. For thin layers following the surface shape, some thinner 3505 is added. The lacquer is then best applied with a fine marten-hair brush. The thinner strongly affects the viscosity, and should therefore only be added in small quantities, maximum 20%..
The hand lacquers together with hardener 3506 can be used as so-called cold enamel, since the hardener provides reasonably uniform curing of rather thick layers. Especially the white lacque can be used to repair enamel dials, and by adding clear lacquer, even the occasionally slightly translucent enamel can be simulated, making the repair spots less visible..Accordingly with the other colors or with toned clear lacquer also other enamel damages can be repaired.
Tools can be cleaned with common solvents (e.g. acetone, spirit, nitro-cellulose thinner).

White and black are often necessary to brighten or darken other colors. The clear lacquer is e.g. used to protect repaired spots on dials. For this purpose glossy and matte lacquer can be mixed to adapt the surface to the original (exercising necessary). A final coating with glossy clear lacquer provides a mirror finish. This can't be achived with the other colors due to their extremely high content of pigments. Before final coating with clear lacquer the underground lacquer should cure for at least one day.

Sold in Shop

Date 9-27-16

High bid EUR 3.00 (~US$ 3.02)

Reserve EUR 3.00 (~US$ 3.02)

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