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1031: Gents Pateck Genève hunter, pink gold 14K, ca. 1890

Case: 169215, Pateck Geneve, hinge case, pink gold 14K, rhich decoration on both covers, blank monogram shield, gold dust cover nicely engraved and with detailled technical informations, additionally a bezel with crystal, D=53.5mm
Dial: enamel, sunk sub second
Movement: bridge caliber LeCoultre style, decorated, stem wind lever set, ca. 17 jewels, 1 visible screwed gold setting, Swiss lever, bimetallic balance after Guilleaume with pink-gold screws, Breguet hairspring, Moustache lever
Condition: C1-2, D0-1, M1

is probably a too hard expression. In former times watches were extremely expensive, an it wasn't as easy as today to deceive customers with primitive fakes of famous brands.
So many of these old forgeries feature high quality (like this one), some even comparable with the originals.
1839 the salesman Norbert Anton de Patek and the watchmaker Francizek Czapek (both Poles) initiated the Patek & Cie (later Patek Philippe). And after replacing Czapek by the French watchmaker Jean Adrien Philippe, and taking the Polish lawyer Vincent Gostowski as third partner for the administration, the dream team was perfect in 1845.
They were so succesfull that already about 1850 forgeries of their watches appeared on the market. Most of them came from Armand Schwob & Frere, La Chaux de Fonds, but after several law suits they were forbidden to use the name Patek or Pateck in a final appeal 1891.

Sold in Auction

Date 3-24-04

High bid EUR 690.00 (~US$ 693.46)

Reserve EUR 690.00 (~US$ 693.46)

Not for Sale!
The watch presented here is not for sale. It was offered or sold as mentioned above a longer time ago. This archive is just a market overview and price guide, e.g. for evaluation of comparable watches. Moreover, images and descriptions can help for dating and checking the authenticity of watches.

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