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Two Lume Pastes

Either zinc-sulphide based for partial restauration of old lume or Luminova for bright and long glow,

Both are not claimed to be the best and/or cheapest, since best and cheapest are enough out there. They are just optimized for easiest application and best durability.
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ItemSold in Date High bid Reserve
828: Gents Nidor Manual Wind, Tonneau, ca. 1920Auction10-31-18~CHF 44.22~CHF 42.06
855: Exita Sport Manual Wind, ca. 1955Auction10-31-18~CHF 47.45~CHF 45.29
865: Gents Timex Electric, Balance Motor, 1969Auction10-31-18~CHF 60.39~CHF 60.39
866: Gents Gama Automatic, Digital Display, Steel, ca. 1975Auction10-31-18~CHF 118.63~CHF 118.63
867: Gents Super-Emro Manual Wind, 1955Auction10-31-18~CHF 62.55~CHF 62.55
868: Gents ZentRa-Bifora Manual Wind, ca. 1955Auction10-31-18~CHF 65.78~CHF 62.55
869: Gents Ankra 35 Manual Wind, ca. 1980Auction10-31-18~CHF 37.75~CHF 37.75
871: Gents Pallas Eppo Manual Wind, ca. 1970Auction10-31-18~CHF 38.82~CHF 38.82
821: Gents Dafnis de Luxe Manual Wind, ca. 1975Auction11-28-18~CHF 26.96~CHF 26.96
858: Gents Kienzle Diplomat Automatic, ca. 1970Auction11-28-18~CHF 74.41~CHF 74.41
872: Gents Oris Star Manual Wind, ca. 1965Auction11-28-18~CHF 83.04~CHF 70.10
874: Gents Movado Manual Wind, 1953Auction11-28-18~CHF 150.98~CHF 150.98
875: Ladies Zaria Manual Wind, Mysterious, ca. 1980 n.o.s.Auction11-28-18~CHF 31.27~CHF 31.27
876: Gents Timex Electronic, electrically controlled balance, 1975Auction11-28-18~CHF 42.06~CHF 42.06
877: Gents Habmann Manual Wind, Tank-Shape, Krupp-Steel, ca. 1940Auction11-28-18~CHF 75.49~CHF 75.49
878: Gents Dafnis de Luxe Manual Wind, ca. 1975Auction11-28-18~CHF 40.98~CHF 40.98
879: Gents Tschudin Manual Wind, ca. 1940Auction11-28-18~CHF 51.76~CHF 51.76
881: Gents Altic Manual Wind, Day/Date, 1967 n.o.s.Auction11-28-18~CHF 88.43~CHF 59.31
882: Gents Anker Automatic, ca. 1960Auction11-28-18~CHF 59.31~CHF 59.31
883: Gents Ernst Gritz Automatic, ca. 1960 n.o.s.Auction11-28-18~CHF 61.47~CHF 60.39
884: Gents Anonymous Manual Wind, Bauhaus ca. 1940Auction11-28-18~CHF 62.55~CHF 62.55
886: Gents Gruen Precision Autowind, Elliptic, ca. 1970Auction11-28-18~CHF 166.08~CHF 102.45
859: Gents Arctos Manual Wind, ca. 1965Auction11-28-18~CHF 48.53~CHF 48.53
873: Gents Emes Monorex Manual Wind, ca. 1955Auction12-12-18~CHF 35.59~CHF 35.59
885: Gents Ballana Divers Automatic, Dienstuhr, ca. 1970Auction12-12-18~CHF 102.45~CHF 102.45
857: Gents Emro Extra Plate Super de Luxe Manual Wind, n.o.s. ca. 1965Auction12-12-18~CHF 36.67~CHF 36.67
887: Gents Dugena Automatic, ca. 1960Auction12-12-18~CHF 102.45~CHF 102.45
Gents Mido Ocean Star Powerwind, Automatic, 1st Generation, 1961Auction12-12-18~CHF 172.55~CHF 172.55
891: Gents Eppo Automatic Ball-Bearing, ca. 1970 n.o.s.Auction12-12-18~CHF 102.45~CHF 102.45
892: Gents Bifora Manual Wind, ca. 1940Auction12-12-18~CHF 59.31~CHF 59.31
860: Gents Emes Manual Wind, ca. 1975 n.o.s.Auction12-26-18~CHF 31.27~CHF 31.27
889: Gents Ermi Automatic, ca. 1960Auction12-26-18~CHF 48.53~CHF 48.53
890: Gents Oris Manual Wind, ca. 1960Auction12-26-18~CHF 51.76~CHF 51.76
893: Gents Omega Automatic Seamaster, Steel/Gold 18K, 1958Auction12-26-18~CHF 593.14~CHF 355.88
894: Gents Poljot Manual Wind, Flat, ca. 1965Auction12-26-18~CHF 48.53~CHF 48.53
895: Gents Dugena Automatic (Bidynator), ca. 1950Auction12-26-18~CHF 59.31~CHF 59.31
896: Gent ZentRa Savoy (Hamilton) Automatic, ca. 1965Auction12-26-18~CHF 63.63~CHF 63.63
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