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Hi Folks,
apparently I was dead as a doornail since months, but only apparently. I'm running fairly again, enough to reanimate my watch activities again. It will take some time for all divisions, but it will be successful finally.
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ItemSold in Date High bid Reserve
501: Gents Elgin Streamline, open face, 1926Auction1-1-03~CHF 211.33~CHF 211.33
508: Ladies Seeland, open f. silver enamel w. brooch, ca. 1940 n.o.s.Auction1-1-03~CHF 155.30~CHF 155.30
579: Gents Waltham, pillow-shaped open face, 1913Auction1-1-03~CHF 186.75~CHF 186.75
517: Ladies half hunter, gold enamel 18K, 1911Shop1-18-03~CHF 442.31~CHF 481.63
502: Gents DUF A. Lange & Söhne Glashütte open face ebay2-26-03~CHF 1631.63~CHF 1769.24
505: Gents Patek Philippe & Cie Genève open face gold 14K,ebay2-26-03~CHF 1858.69~CHF 1769.24
516: Gents Hamilton 4992B G.C.T. 24h-military, open face, 1944Auction2-26-03~CHF 412.82~CHF 412.82
528: Ladies Longines open face gold-enamel 14K, 1913Auction3-19-03~CHF 658.55~CHF 658.55
530: Gents IWC hunter, gold 18K, 1967Auction3-19-03~CHF 1607.06~CHF 1572.66
535: Gents DUF A. Lange & Söhne Glashütte open face gold 14K, 1913Auction3-19-03~CHF 2653.86~CHF 2948.74
543: Gents N. Burnett verge, silver pair case, 1748Auction3-19-03~CHF 884.62~CHF 884.62
515: Gents Hamilton 917 open face, 1949Auction3-26-03~CHF 196.58~CHF 196.58
572: Ladies open face, gold-piqué dial, gold 14K, ca. 1900Auction3-26-03~CHF 201.50~CHF 201.50
599: Gents open face, coin silver, ca. 1900Auction3-26-03~CHF 54.06~CHF 54.06
520: Gents DuBois hunter, ca. 1930Auction4-23-03~CHF 98.29~CHF 98.29
521: Gents Drusus hunter, ca. 1920Auction4-23-03~CHF 98.29~CHF 98.29
507: Gents IWC Art Deco open face gold 18K, 1919Auction5-21-03~CHF 864.96~CHF 864.96
514: Gents Illinois Sterling open face, 1925Auction5-21-03~CHF 275.22~CHF 275.22
525: Ladies miniature hunter, gold 18K, ca. 1900Auction5-21-03~CHF 344.02~CHF 344.02
544: Ladies open face, coin silver, ca. 1910Auction5-21-03~CHF 49.15~CHF 49.15
1005: Gents Edox open face, ca. 1950 n.o.s.Auction7-23-03~CHF 58.97~CHF 58.97
1017: Gents Waltham Vanguard 23J open face, 1903Auction7-23-03~CHF 383.34~CHF 383.34
1001: Ring watch Jenny manual wind, rhodium, ca. 1955 n.o.s.Auction8-20-03~CHF 255.56~CHF 137.61
1002: Ring watch Edox manual wind, ca. 1945 n.o.s.Auction8-20-03~CHF 98.29~CHF 98.29
1003: Pendant watch Jenny, silver, with brooch, ca. 1945 n.o.s.Auction8-20-03~CHF 117.95~CHF 117.95
1004: Ball watch Jenny, silver enameled withnecklace, ca. 1945 n.o.s.Auction9-17-03~CHF 127.78~CHF 127.78
1022: Gents Patek Philippe & Cie Genève open face gold 18K, 1910Auction9-17-03~CHF 2358.99~CHF 2358.99
1034: Gents Starr & Moss open face, 1913Auction9-17-03~CHF 157.27~CHF 157.27
1006: Gents Harvard split-second chronograph, open face gold 14K, 1906Auction1-7-04~CHF 1474.37~CHF 1474.37
1029: Ladies Vacheron & Constantin hunter, gold 14K, 1909Auction1-7-04~CHF 982.91~CHF 982.91
1037: Ball watch Jenny, silver enameled, with necklace, ca. 1945 n.o.sAuction1-7-04~CHF 127.78~CHF 127.78
1039: Gents IWC open face, silver. 1910Auction1-7-04~CHF 294.87~CHF 294.87
1035: Gents Gigandet hunter gold 14K, ca. 1960Auction2-4-04~CHF 157.27~CHF 157.27
1036: Gents Record Watch Co Geneve, open face, niello silver, ca. 1930Auction2-4-04~CHF 157.27~CHF 157.27
1032: Gents Grande Complication, hunter gold 18K, ca. 1900Auction2-25-04~CHF 5897.47~CHF 5897.47
1038: Gents open face, gold 14K, ca. 1900Auction2-25-04~CHF 206.41~CHF 206.41
1012: Gents Junghans hunter, ca. 1925Auction3-24-04~CHF 98.29~CHF 98.29
1031: Gents Pateck Genève hunter, pink gold 14K, ca. 1890Auction3-24-04~CHF 678.21~CHF 678.21
1007: Gents Eberhard&Co minute rep. chrono, hunter gold 18K, ca. 1915Auction4-18-04~CHF 0.00~CHF 2211.55
1046: Ladies Waltham hunter, gold 14K with diamond, 1901Auction7-28-04~CHF 176.92~CHF 176.92
1054: Gents Thompson Genève open face gold 18K, ca. 1850Auction8-25-04~CHF 181.84~CHF 181.84
1009: Gents Jno. Gaydon English lever, open face gold 18K, 1883ebay9-12-04~CHF 601.54~CHF 601.54
1048: Gents Lemania chronograph, open face niello silver 800, ca. 192ebay9-12-04~CHF 229.22~CHF 229.22
1052: Gents Omega hunter gold 14K, 1924ebay9-12-04~CHF 449.19~CHF 449.19
1053: Gents Patek, Philippe & Cie Chronometro Gondolo, gold 18K, 1912ebay9-12-04~CHF 2761.98~CHF 2761.98
1015: Gents Mobile hunter, gold 14K, ca. 1910Auction9-22-04~CHF 373.51~CHF 373.51
1021: Gents Molyneaux hunter gold 18K, ca. 1855Auction9-22-04~CHF 776.50~CHF 776.50
1025: Gents Nicole & Capt, 5-min repeater, hunter gold 18K, 1874Auction10-12-04~CHF 3735.07~CHF 3735.07
1018: Gents IWC open face gold 14K, 1913Auction10-20-04~CHF 1130.35~CHF 1130.35
1045: Ladies Waltham hunter, gold 14K, 1892Auction10-20-04~CHF 289.96~CHF 289.96
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