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Langendorf 71stem wind and set17.5'''
Langendorf 7160manual wind7.75 x 11'''
Langendorf 722manual wind7.75 x 11'''
Langendorf 804manual wind8.75'''
Langendorf 8116manual wind8.75'''
Langendorf 8160manual wind8.75 x 12'''
Langendorf 826manual wind8.75 x 12'''
Langendorf 864manual wind8.75'''
Langendorf 914manual wind9.5'''
Langendorf 924manual wind9.5'''
Lange 13.75'''stem wind and lever set13.75'''
Lange 19.5'''H7.5stem wind and pin set19.5'''
Lange 20'''stem wind and pin set20'''
Larga 18'''stem wind and pin set18'''
Latitude 19'''stem wind and pin set19'''
Lavina 105manual wind12.75'''
Lavina 105(SC)manual wind12.75'''
Lavina 120 (=Angelus 120)manual wind10.5'''
Lavina 120 SC (=Angelus 120 SC)manual wind10.5'''
Lavina 123 (Angelus 123)manual wind10.5'''
Lavina 123 SC (Angelus 123 SC)manual wind10.5'''
Lavina 23stem wind and set19'''
LeCoultre 1, 14'''stem wind and pin set14'''
LeCoultre 30, 20'''quarter repeater20'''
LeCoultre 31, 19'''minute repeater19'''
LeCoultre 101 Duoplanmanual wind2 x 6.25'''
LeCoultre 11LOmanual wind8 x 11'''
LeCoultre 352 (Girard-Perregaux 352)quartz controlled stepper motor13.5'''
LeCoultre 354 (Girard-Perregaux 354)quartz controlled stepper motor13.5'''
LeCoultre 406 Duoplanmanual wind3.75 x 9'''
LeCoultre 410manual wind8 x 11'''
LeCoultre 411manual wind8 x 11'''
LeCoultre 412manual wind8 x 11'''
LeCoultre 413manual wind8 x 11'''
LeCoultre 414stem wind and set17.75'''
LeCoultre 415stem wind and set17.75'''
LeCoultre 416stem wind and set17.75'''
LeCoultre 424manual wind8 x 11'''
LeCoultre 429stem wind and set17.75'''
LeCoultre 436manual wind8 x 11'''
LeCoultre 437manual wind8 x 11'''
LeCoultre 438/4C Ammanual wind8 x 11'''
LeCoultre 445stem wind and set17.75'''
LeCoultre 449manual wind12.75'''
LeCoultre 450manual wind12.75'''
LeCoultre 451manual wind12.75'''
LeCoultre 452manual wind12.75'''
LeCoultre 462stem wind and set16.5'''
LeCoultre 463manual wind12.75'''
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