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Xmas is inevitable
Since the indian summer Xmas cookies are for sale, and this can't be ignored. Old watches are more durable and don't make fat. Reason enough to place many on Dec. 12th. With some effort a delivery before Xmas should be feasible.
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Venus 230manual-wind alarm12.5'''
Venus 231manual-wind alarm12.5'''
Venus 232manual-wind alarm12.5'''
Venus 240manual wind10.5'''
Venus 245manual wind11.5'''
Venus 246manual wind10.5'''
Venus 247manual wind11.5'''
Venus 55manual wind5.75 x 8.5'''
Venus 58manual wind5.75 x 8.5'''
Venus 59manual wind5.75 x 8.5'''
Venus 60-Imanual wind8.75'''
Venus 60-IImanual wind8.75'''
Venus 60-IIImanual wind8.75'''
Venus 61manual wind8.75'''
Venus 62manual wind8.75'''
Venus 63manual wind8.75'''
Venus 64manual wind8.75'''
Venus 65manual wind8.75'''
Venus 65 oldmanual wind8.75'''
Venus 66manual wind8.75'''
Venus 67manual wind8.75'''
Venus 68manual wind8.75'''
Venus 69manual wind8.75'''
Venus 70stem wind18'''
Venus 70astem wind and pin set18'''
Venus 72manual wind8.75'''
Venus 75manual wind10.5'''
Venus 75(SC)manual wind10.5'''
Venus 76manual wind8.75'''
Venus 77manual wind8.75'''
Venus 78manual wind10.5'''
Venus 79manual wind10.5'''
Venus 81manual wind8.75'''
Venus 83manual wind10.5'''
Venus 84manual wind10.5'''
Venus 85manual wind8.75'''
Venus 86manual wind8.75'''
Venus 87manual wind8.75'''
Venus 88manual wind10.5'''
Venus 89manual wind10.5'''
Venus 93manual wind8.75'''
Venus 94manual wind10.5'''
Venus 96manual wind8.75'''
Venus 97manual wind10.5'''
Venus 98manual wind10.5'''
Venus 99manual wind8.75'''
Verneauxkey wind and set14.75'''
Veto 19'''old open face (=Liengme 19''')stem wind and set19'''
Veto 19'''new open face (=Liengme 19''')stem wind and set19'''
Veto 19'''new hunter (=Liengme 19''')stem wind and set19'''
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