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Zodiac 10manual wind5.75'''
Zodiac 1045 (ETA 1045)manual wind5.75 x 7'''
Zodiac 11manual wind backwinder5.75'''
Zodiac 1100 (ETA 1100, calendar module)manual wind12'''
Zodiac 1156 (AS 1156)manual wind8.75'''
Zodiac 18 (AS 1012)manual wind5.75 x 6.75'''
Zodiac 19 (ETA 2412)manual wind6.75'''
Zodiac 22 (Felsa 22)manual wind6'''
Zodiac 43 (ETA 2540)manual wind7.75'''
Zodiac 44 (ETA 2541)manual wind7.75'''
Zodiac 46 (ETA 2550R)automatic7.75'''
Zodiac 47 (ETA 2551R)automatic7.75'''
Zodiac 52 (AS 1758)manual wind10.5'''
Zodiac 58 (FHF 811)manual wind11.5'''
Zodiac 605 (FHF 605)manual wind6.75 x 8'''
Zodiac 61 (AS 1687)manual wind11.5'''
Zodiac 61A (AS 1687)manual wind11.5'''
Zodiac 68 (AS 1688)manual wind11.5'''
Zodiac 68A (AS 1688)manual wind11.5'''
Zodiac 70automatic11.5'''
Zodiac 72automatic11.5'''
Zodiac 72Bautomatic11.5'''
Zodiac 74automatic11.5'''
Zodiac 75automatic11.5'''
Zodiac 75Bautomatic11.5'''
Zodiac 76automatic11.5'''
Zodiac 76Bautomatic11.5'''
Zodiac 78automatic11.5'''
Zodiac 86automatic11.5'''
Zodiac 88automatic11.5'''
Zodiac 88Dautomatic11.5'''
Zodiac 91 (ETA-ESA 9150) Dynotronelectronically controlled balance motor12.5'''
Zodiac 93 (ETA-ESA 9154)electronically controlled balance motor12.5'''
Zodiac 95 (AS 5008)automatic alarm13.5'''
Zvezda (Zaria 2602)manual wind7.75 x 12.75'''
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