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Waltham 1908 open-facestem wind16 size
Waltham 1908 hunterstem wind16 size
Waltham 400manual wind4 x 9'''
Waltham 650manual wind6.5 x 11'''
Waltham 6.5'''manual wind6.5 x 11'''
Waltham 870manual wind8.75'''
Waltham 870SSmanual wind8.75'''
Waltham Colonial Astem wind and set14 size
Waltham Colonial Bstem wind and set12 size
Washington Senate (Illinois Bunn)stem wind and set16 size
Waterbury Series Jstem wind and set18 size'''
Waterbury Series Tstem wind and set18 size'''
Westclox 1stem wind and set18 size
Westclox 11.5'''Automaticautomatic11.5'''
Westclox 2stem wind and set18 size
Westclox 3stem wind and set18 size
Westclox 4stem wind and set18 size
Westclox 5stem wind and set18 size
Westclox 5Astem wind and set18 size
Westclox 6stem wind and set18 size
Westclox 7stem wind and set18 size
Westclox 7T-1stem wind and set18 size
Westclox 90001stem wind and set18 size
Westclox 90002stem wind and set18 size
Westclox W5manual-wind alarm12.25'''
Westclox W7manual wind9.5 x 10.5'''
Westclox W7-Jmanual wind9.5 x 10.5'''
Wittnauer 11BG (AS 1201)manual wind11.5'''
Wittnauer 11Kmanual wind11.5'''
Wittnauer 11KASautomatic11.5'''
Wittnauer 11KSmanual wind11.5'''
Wittnauer 11WSG (AS 1539)manual wind11.5'''
Wittnauer 9W (ETA 1000)manual wind 8 x 9'''
Wittnauer C11Kmanual wind11.5'''
Wittnauer C11KAS (Record 1955, Longines 501)automatic11.5'''
Wittnauer C11KAS1 (Record 1955, Longines 501)automatic11.5'''
Wittnauer C11KS-1manual wind11.5'''
Wittnauer C11KS-2manual wind11.5'''
Wittnauer C11KSmanual wind11.5'''
Wittnauer C11KS/1manual wind11.5'''
Wittnauer C11SR (AS 1701)automatic11.5'''
Wittnauer C11WS2 (AS 1539, AS 1558)manual wind11.5'''
Wittnauer D11KAS (Record 1958, Longines 503)automatic11.5'''
Wm Johnson 18'''H7.5eighth hour repeater18'''
Wostok 2209manual wind9.75'''
Wostok 2214manual wind9.75'''
Wostok 2234manual wind9.75'''
Wostok 2409manual wind10.75 / 11.5'''
Wostok 2409Amanual wind10.75 / 11.5'''
Wostok 2414Amanual wind10.75 / 11.5'''
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