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867: Gents Super-Emro Manual Wind, 1955

Accessories: none
Case: Waterprotected, Special Antimagnetic, Electronically Tested, Stainless Steel Back, Guaranted Quality, Diamond Tooled, Tropicalized - gold plated, plastic crystal, steel screw back, D=35mm
Band: leather
Dial: Super-Emro, 21 Jewels, Waterproof, Calendar, Antimagnetic -  gold plated, anthracite glazed center, hour chaapter böack and white enamel paint, golden print,  raised markers
Movement: 21 Jewels, Unbreakable Spring, Shockproof - calibre Cattin C54(CLD), 21 jewels, pin-lever escapement, indirect minute, hand friction clutch on barrel (Roskopf type), stem mechanism without setting-lever spring, Cattin shock protection (only axial action)
Date: set by +/-24h
Condition: C1-3 (only faint scratches, but obvious wear of the rather thin gold plating), B0, D0, M0, service 10/2018

Much Bling for Tiny Money
Paved with advertising messages like a Rolex, a really elaborated dial, perfectly representing the 50s - and then a pin-lever! Well, 14 functional jewels are quite many for a pin-lever movement. But all further are bright blue jewels just for show: If the impulse pin is made of steel instead jewel, there is such jewel between the bearings of 3rd and 4th wheel, to achieve for the entry version at least 15 jewels (Fig.2). Further 6 jewels to achieve the magic 21 jewels sit in a tiny round plate, particularly made for this purpose (Fig.4 bottom left).
     This movement has an ingeniously designed click: A J-shaped click spring can be plugged in through a hole in the else completely assembled movement. The short end of the J latches under the click, and the long end presses it against the ratchet wheel. Fortunately there is a faint issue:  If the spring is not plugged in deep enough, it doesn't latch, and popps out pretty soon. And so it happens that still today a sample is found, which is technically like new after a service, and visually still quite attractive,
     And there are further sophisticated details, missing in almost all movements up to top grade: The problem with fading hand-gear friction, especially in watches without quickset date, is solved with a huge tripod spring for many centuries (disregarding lubricated or not). And the set-lever spring will never break, because there is none.

Basics for this Description

Sold in Auction

Date 10-31-18

High bid EUR 58.00 (~UK£ 52.72)

Reserve EUR 58.00 (~UK£ 52.72)

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The watch presented here is not for sale. It was offered or sold as mentioned above a longer time ago. This archive is just a market overview and price guide, e.g. for evaluation of comparable watches. Moreover, images and descriptions can help for dating and checking the authenticity of watches.

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