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Two Lume Pastes

Either zinc-sulphide based for partial restauration of old lume or Luminova for bright and long glow,

Both are not claimed to be the best and/or cheapest, since best and cheapest are enough out there. They are just optimized for easiest application and best durability.
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picturesGent's MEYLAN Decimal Timer Rattrapante 0.1 sec and 3 min Counter * buy now4-20-20, 21:000EUR -.--EUR 185.00
picturesPocketwatch with Alarme - vintage -Cal. Langendorfbuy now4-20-20, 21:410EUR -.--EUR 195.00
picturesGent's Military Rattrapante 100 sec. Timer Landeron Cal. 14 Guinandbuy now4-20-20, 22:000EUR -.--EUR 295.00
picturesGent'sNERO LEMANIA Pocket Timer 30 min - Rattrapante Militarybuy now4-20-20, 22:000EUR -.--EUR 295.00
picturesGent's Timer EXCELSIOR PARK Rattrapante (Split Second) 30 min Counter  4-20-20, 22:000EUR -.--EUR 225.00
picturesMilitary Pocket Watch Minerva WWIIbuy now4-20-20, 22:000EUR -.--EUR 250.00
picturesGent's Pocket Watch Longines *buy now4-20-20, 22:000EUR -.--EUR 235.00
picturesGent's Pocket Watch Zenith - Steel Case - Cal. 18-28-1-P-E*buy now4-20-20, 22:000EUR -.--EUR 245.00
picturesGent's OMEGA Pocket Watch vintage steel casebuy now4-20-20, 22:000EUR -.--EUR 245.00
picturesUK ZENITH Military Pocket Watch Broad Arrow WWII*buy now4-20-20, 22:000EUR -.--EUR 245.00
picturesGent's OMEGA Pocket Watch Cal. 18 LPB Steel Case buy now4-20-20, 22:000EUR -.--EUR 280.00
picturesRYMO TAU Kal. UNITAS  4-26-20, 19:300EUR -.--EUR 49.00
pictures1033: Ladies J.D. Pecora, Sub-Miniature Watch, 18K gold, ca. 1830 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 950.00
pictures1077: Ladies Bautte Sub-Miniature Watch, Necklace, 18K Gold, ca. 1835 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 1950.00
pictures1086: Gents Ganthony Chronometer with 2nd Order Compensation, ca. 1810 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 2900.00
pictures549: Gents Cortébert, Silver, ca. 1915 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 69.00
pictures1568: Gents Sindaco Memo Stop, Stop Minute, ca. 1970 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 48.00
pictures1572: GentsZentRa Hunter, 1930 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 105.00
pictures1621: Zlatoust Stop Watch, ca. 1980 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 16.00
pictures1625: Gents Eclipse, Silver, ca. 1925 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 55.00
pictures1627: Junghans Meister Stop Watch, 1969 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 49.00
pictures1632: Gents Revue Hunter, ca. 1930 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 78.00
pictures1643: Gents Alpina Hunter, 1928 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 85.00
pictures1645: Gents Wigo Hunter, ca. 1930 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 78.00
pictures1652: Gents Mido Hunter, 1937 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 105.00
pictures1654: Gents Junghans Hunter, ca. 1925 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 95.00
pictures1655: Hanhart Split Second Stop Watch, ca.1940 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 65.00
pictures1656: Hanhart Stop Watch, ca. 1940 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 48.00
pictures1664: Marathon Addition Stop Watch, Center Minute, ca. 2000 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 42.00
pictures1665: Dugena Jongster 7R Stop Watch, ca. 1970 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 33.00
pictures1666: Hanhart Addition Stop Watch, 1991 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 42.00
pictures1667: Gents Citizen Cosmotron X8, Electronic, Balance Motor, 1971 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 89.00
pictures1672: Junghans Stop Watch, 1955 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 45.00
pictures1673: Minerva Patent Stop Watch, ca. 1955 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 45.00
pictures1674: Zlatoust Stop Watch 1/50 Second, ca. 1980 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 55.00
pictures1677: Gents Pelican, Silver, ca. 1885 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 70.00
pictures1678: Gents Tissot Hunter, 1928 4-29-20, 17:000EUR -.--EUR 165.00
picturesnewly listedGent's TISSOT Stylist manual Pocket Watch Cal. 2451 Dubleebuy now5-3-20, 22:000EUR -.--EUR 95.00
picturesnewly listedGent's Zenith Pocket Watch - Case Silverbuy now5-3-20, 22:000EUR -.--EUR 185.00
picturesnewly listedUK ELGIN Military Pocket Watch GSTP Broad Arrow WWII*buy now5-3-20, 22:000EUR -.--EUR 145.00

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