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1678: Gents Tissot Hunter, 1928

Gross weight 73g
Accessories: none
Case: 507892, trademark: buffalo(G. Rau Pforzheim), Tissot CT&F Locle - GR, Garanti 20 ans,, 40 Microns - 40µm rolled gold, mineral crystal, pushed bezel, hinged back, hinged dust cover, D=51mm
Dial: Tissot - gold plated, sunk sub second, raised digits milled minute dots, blue hours 13...24
Movement: 404594, Tissot * Locle *, Swiss, 15 Jewels, 2 Adjts. - calibre Tissot 18''', gold plated, 15 jewels, stem wind and set, Swiss lever escapement, bimetallic screw balance, Breguet hairspring
Condition: C1, D0, M0-1

The scrap value of a gilt pocketwatch case is commonly underestimated. A hunter has three lids with big areas, and actually some gold comes on the scale. Assuming here that only the outer surfaces have a 40µm thick gold layer, and the rest only 10µm,  then a fineness of 14K and a gold price of EUR 45.00 per gramm would already give a gold value of ca. EUR 124.00. No surprise though that so many orphaned movements are circulating on the market.

Funny - occasionally
I realy must tell this story: In this watch the haispring was faintly distorted, and two turns slightly touched each other  Consequnce: a poor amplitude and a heavy position deviation. A botcher with"sound" half knowledge corrrected the position error more badly than reasonably with weight washers under balance screws. Plain text: An ugly deficit was compensated to some extent by an even uglier. Thus hairspring trued, washers removed, - done.
     And what can we learn? A pofessional would never care for position errors unless the watch runs else properly. Thus he would have noticed the distorted hairspring, and would have trued it - likely for few Euros into the thank you box. So better don't save on the wrong spot.

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Kind of sale
on commission base

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wire transfer before delivery
cash when picked up

Further conditions
14 days return privilege

Charge for each shipment
if not else mentioned for shipping, packaging, insurance
Deutschland/Germany EUR 7.00
EU and Switzerland EUR 16.00
Worldwide EUR 28.00
Auction - Closed
Seller Ranfft
Time 6-4-20, 6:21:23
Closes 4-29-20, 17:00:24
earliest 5 min after last bid
Bids 1
High bid EUR 165.00
Reserve EUR 165.00
Buyer Spencerhill

For seller only
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BidderTime High bidReserve
Start3-27-20, 16:31:50-EUR 165.00
Spencerhill4-28-20, 21:51:28EUR 165.00 EUR 165.00

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