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pictures3520: Assortment of Cylinders in Wood Box 12-27-17, 17:002EUR 60.00EUR 60.00
picturesGent's GRUEN Precision Dial with Pointers NOSbuy now3-19-18, 22:000EUR -.--EUR 35.00
 Gent's Junghans Pocket Watch Cal. 47 Breguet Hairspring NOSbuy now3-19-18, 23:000EUR -.--EUR 29.00
picturesGent's Wrist Wacht BULOVA Accutron Dials NOSbuy now4-24-18, 22:000EUR -.--EUR 14.00
picturesESA 9150, ESA 9154, ESA 9157, ESA 9158 complete movements and partsbuy now5-5-18, 20:000EUR -.--EUR 1.00
picturesJunghans Datachron Cal. 600.xxx movements and partsbuy now6-11-18, 20:000EUR -.--EUR 1.00
picturesGent's Leather Strap Ostrich 18-20 mm NOSbuy now9-2-18, 0:161EUR 49.00EUR 49.00
picturesGent's Omega Cal. 30 military Staff, Stem, Hands, Friction Spring NOSbuy now12-2-18, 9:171EUR 15.00EUR 15.00
picturesGent's Leather Strap Ostrich 18-20 mm NOSbuy now1-20-19, 0:000EUR -.--EUR 49.00
picturesLady's Leather Strap Lizard 10 - 15 - 16 mm NOSbuy now9-8-19, 0:000EUR -.--EUR 29.00
picturesGent's Leather Original Lizard Strap 20 - 22 mmbuy now9-8-19, 20:000EUR -.--EUR 39.00
picturesGent's Leather Strap Snake 16 mm NOSbuy now11-22-19, 0:000EUR -.--EUR 49.00

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