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pictures1033: Ladies J.D. Pecora, Sub-Miniature Watch, 18K gold, ca. 1830 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 1068.95
pictures1077: Ladies Bautte Sub-Miniature Watch, Necklace, 18K Gold, ca. 1835 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 2194.16
pictures1086: Gents Ganthony Chronometer with 2nd Order Compensation, ca. 1810 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 3263.11
pictures549: Gents Cortébert, Silver, ca. 1915 closing today   17:001~US$ 77.64~US$ 77.64
pictures1572: GentsZentRa Hunter, 1930 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 118.15
pictures1621: Zlatoust Stop Watch, ca. 1980 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 18.00
pictures1625: Gents Eclipse, Silver, ca. 1925 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 61.89
pictures1627: Junghans Meister Stop Watch, 1969 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 55.14
pictures1632: Gents Revue Hunter, ca. 1930 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 87.77
pictures1643: Gents Alpina Hunter, 1928 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 95.64
pictures1652: Gents Mido Hunter, 1937 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 118.15
pictures1654: Gents Junghans Hunter, ca. 1925 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 106.89
pictures1664: Marathon Addition Stop Watch, Center Minute, ca. 2000 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 47.26
pictures1665: Dugena Jongster 7R Stop Watch, ca. 1970 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 37.13
pictures1667: Gents Citizen Cosmotron X8, Electronic, Balance Motor, 1971 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 100.14
pictures1672: Junghans Stop Watch, 1955 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 50.63
pictures1674: Zlatoust Stop Watch 1/50 Second, ca. 1980 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 61.89
pictures1679: Gents HTU Revue, Silver, 1920 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 95.64
pictures1680: Gents Lanco Hunter, ca. 1930 closing today   17:001~US$ 110.27~US$ 110.27
pictures1681: Gents Walz & Pfeiffer Hunter, ca. 1930 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 155.28
pictures1682: Gents Vertex (Revue) Hunter, 1939 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 106.89
pictures1684: Gents L'Alouette (Japy), ca. 1890 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 77.64
pictures1685: Minerva Patent Addition Stop Watch, 1955 closing today   17:001~US$ 50.63~US$ 50.63
pictures1686: Hanhart Stop Watch, ca. 1930 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 43.88
pictures1687: Hanhart Split Second Stop Watch, ca.1980 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 66.39
pictures1688: Gents Non-Magnetic, ca. 1925 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 54.01
pictures1689: Gents Junghans, ca. 1945 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 50.63
pictures1690: Gents Invar, Silver, ca. 1910 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 106.89
pictures1691: Gents Langendorf, UK Military, ca.1925 closing today   17:001~US$ 54.01~US$ 54.01
pictures1692: Gents Emes, ca. 1940 closing today   17:000~US$ -.--~US$ 45.01
pictures1693: Gents Thiel Alarm, ca. 1930 closing today   17:001~US$ 146.28~US$ 146.28

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