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1662: Gents Hamilton Art Deco, 1921

Gross weight 68g
Accessories: none
Case:†194332 - Hamilton Watch Co,.Lancaster, Pa. - Hamilton, Quality Permanent - 14K gold filled, plastic crystal, pushed bezel, hinged back, hinged†dust cover, D=45.5mm
Dial: Hamilton - silvered,†sunk sub second
Movement: 1907347, Hamilton Watch Co., Lancaster, Pa., 914, 17 Jewels, Adjusted, 3 Positions - 1907347 - calibre Hamilton 914, 17 jewels, 4 screwed pink-gold settings, stem wind and set, negative stem mechanism, Swiss lever escapement, bimetallic screw balance 4 adjustment screws, Breguet hairspring, Reed's regulator
Condition: C1-2, D2, M1

Swiss Angst
Already the early big US watches frightened Swiss manufacturers with exchangable parts and high accuracy. But they took it easy, because such simple constructions, often pillar desgns, had limited chances on the European market. But in the beginning 20th century small, slim, and affordable watches appeard, featuring chronometer accuracy as standard, and with a finish matching Swiss top products. This must have been shocking. This watch demonstrates that with certain care the accuracy doesn't suffer in 98 years:†Despite the not known service history the maximum deviation between positions of 7s/day†still fulfills even today's COSC limit of 10s/day.
† † †Also the gold plating was top notch; While good Swiss cases came with a 20 years guarantee, Hamilton advertised the plating as "permanent". A lie of course, but at least ist was sufficient for 98 years.

Basics for this Description

Kind of sale
on commission base

Accepted kinds of payment
wire transfer before delivery
cash when picked up

Further conditions
14 days return privilege

Charge for each shipment
if not else mentioned for shipping, packaging, insurance
Deutschland/Germany EUR 7.00
EU and Switzerland EUR 16.00
Worldwide EUR 28.00
Auction - Closed
Seller Ranfft
Time 8-9-20, 9:37:53
Closes 10-30-19, 17:00:33
earliest 5 min after last bid
Bids 10
High bid EUR 250.00 (~US$ 281.30)
Reserve EUR 190.00 (~US$ 213.79)
Buyer Josele

For seller only
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BidderTime High bidReserve
Start9-26-19, 4:37:40-EUR 190.00 (~US$ 213.79)
Joeketti9-26-19, 17:15:27EUR 190.00 (~US$ 213.79)EUR 190.00 (~US$ 213.79)
Josele10-29-19, 18:47:41EUR 201.00 (~US$ 226.17)EUR 190.00 (~US$ 213.79)
Joeketti10-30-19, 16:14:56EUR 206.00 (~US$ 231.79)EUR 190.00 (~US$ 213.79)
Josele10-30-19, 16:47:08EUR 221.00 (~US$ 248.67)EUR 190.00 (~US$ 213.79)
Joeketti10-30-19, 16:50:14EUR 226.00 (~US$ 254.30)EUR 190.00 (~US$ 213.79)
Josele10-30-19, 16:54:19EUR 231.00 (~US$ 259.92)EUR 190.00 (~US$ 213.79)
Joeketti10-30-19, 16:54:19EUR 236.00 (~US$ 265.55)EUR 190.00 (~US$ 213.79)
Josele10-30-19, 16:54:35EUR 241.00 (~US$ 271.18)EUR 190.00 (~US$ 213.79)
Joeketti10-30-19, 16:54:35EUR 245.00 (~US$ 275.68)EUR 190.00 (~US$ 213.79)
Josele10-30-19, 16:55:02EUR 250.00 (~US$ 281.30)EUR 190.00 (~US$ 213.79)

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