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1551: Gents Kienzle, Only Cylinder Calibre, ca. 1940

Gross weight 57g
Accessories: none
Case: - 6 Rubis - nickel pllated, plastic crystal, pushed bezel, hinged back, hinged dust cover, D=50mm
Dial: Kienzle - silvered, sunk sub second, raised digits, luminous markers
Movement: - pbp (or dqd) - calibre Kienzle 41, back side painted in golden color, 6 jewels, stem wind and set, ratchet on dial side, hidden crown mechanism with rocker bar, cylinder escapement, ring balance, flat hairspring, early two-section regulator for coarse and fine adjustment,
Condition: C2, D1, M1

Many Kienzles right now
This is no accident: After having investigated few for the movement archive, I noticed that almost no informations existed about them. So I started to watch Kienzle watches, and occasionally bought particular samples, since this was the only chance to find out something about the evolution of Kienzle pocket watches.
†††† And here we have† the only cylinder calibre from Kienzle, and it is quite similar to the Haller EOS. Thus it is likely a design of the Thomas Ernst Haller AG, which was acquired by Kienzle in 1928.
† †† It is hard to believe that in 1940 cylinder watches were still bought, but it is an obvious fact: The style of this watch would hardly justify an earlier production year, and meanwhile I noticed on a Kienzle 46/0c (late version from ca. 1950) a dial with mounting cutouts for both, the pin-lever Kienzle 46/0c and the cylinder Kienzle 41. For small-scale production this would be no surprise, but for mass production it strongly indicates that both were produced in parallel for a long periode.

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Deutschland/Germany EUR 7.00
EU and Switzerland EUR 16.00
Worldwide EUR 28.00
Auction - Closed
Seller Ranfft
Time 9-23-21, 1:20:51
Closes 2-27-19, 17:00:13
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High bid EUR 45.00 (~US$ 53.67)
Reserve EUR 45.00 (~US$ 53.67)
Buyer Emk01

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