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picturesGALLET STOPPUHR (?) TYLOR PATENT Kal. RACINE-ENICAR closing today   19:310~CHF -.--~CHF 77.65
picturesL`alouette Taschenuhr ca. 1920  closing today   19:310~CHF -.--~CHF 28.50
picturesDeCave Taschenuhr closing today   19:310~CHF -.--~CHF 14.74
picturesEPPLER TAU Kal. Eplper closing today   19:310~CHF -.--~CHF 14.74
picturesELGIN NATL WATCH Military Timer 10 sec 15 Jewelsbuy now12-10-22, 22:000~CHF -.--~CHF 185.77
picturesGent's Pocket Watch Chronometer Movement special hairspringbuy now12-22-22, 21:210~CHF -.--~CHF 103.21
picturesTimer Sinn Rattrapante 60 sec and 12 hr Counter - very rarebuy now12-22-22, 21:410~CHF -.--~CHF 348.93
picturesTimer TIM 1 min manual - Jules Racine SWISS - Fly backbuy now12-22-22, 21:410~CHF -.--~CHF 83.55
picturesGent's Timer EXCELSIOR PARK Rattrapante (Split Second) 30 min Counter  12-22-22, 22:000~CHF -.--~CHF 181.84
picturesTAU Timer Gallet 30 min. Counter with fly back - manually wind 12-22-22, 22:000~CHF -.--~CHF 93.38
picturesGent'sNERO LEMANIA Pocket Timer 30 min - Rattrapante Militarybuy now12-22-22, 22:000~CHF -.--~CHF 211.33
picturesGent's PIERPONT Militaer Stil manual Landeron Cal. 2124 buy now12-22-22, 22:000~CHF -.--~CHF 132.69
picturesGent's Pocket Watch Longines buy now12-22-22, 22:000~CHF -.--~CHF 211.33
picturesGent's OMEGA Pocket Watch vintage steel casebuy now12-22-22, 22:000~CHF -.--~CHF 221.16

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