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The following data refer to regularly finished transactions.
A transaction is regarded as regularly finished in the following cases:
1) Auction: Reserve met or exceeded
2) Auction: If the reserve is not met when the auction closes,
but a common price is negotiated within three days using the server.

3) Auction: Using the buy-now feature.
4) Shop: Every purchase.
5) Wanted: As soon as a common price is negotiated.

Sales (last on 1-28-15, 20:34:43)
EUR 44.74 (~CHF 43.98) average price of all sales
67 sales
18 positive feedbacks
0 neutral feedbacks
0 negative feedbacks

Purchases (last on 4-22-13, 15:15:28)
EUR 30.07 (~CHF 29.55) average price of all purchases
12 purchases
2 positive feedbacks
0 neutral feedbacks
0 negative feedbacks

Last comments

Different from e.g. ebay not all comments are displayed, but only the last maximum 10 positive, neutral, and negative each.
So you need not search for a single neutral or negative among hundreds of positive comments.
The last sales with positive feedback
9-10-14, 20:14:00HansuwlandVielen Dank, bin sehr zufrieden!
1-24-08, 20:40:00Marlin2Buch wie beschrieben,gerne wieder!!
10-5-07, 10:31:03RsiebenVielen Dank, gerne wieder!
10-6-07, 20:16:00RsiebenDanke, gerne wieder!
10-6-07, 20:14:00RsiebenVielen Dank, gerne wieder!
9-24-07, 20:08:00RsiebenBestens gelaufen, Danke!
7-31-07, 20:26:00ExhopSuper Buch, netter Kontakt, sehr empfehlenswert
7-31-07, 20:16:00ExhopSuper Buch, netter Kontakt, sehr empfehlenswert
2-20-07, 20:16:00Uri2005sehr schöne Ware, schnelle Lieferung,gerne wieder
1-7-07, 20:12:00TauchenTop Verkäufer Alles O.K Danke

The last sales with neutral feedback

The last sales with negative feedback

The last puchases with positive feedback
11-3-04, 17:00:05RanfftSchnell, reibungslos - danke!
11-3-04, 17:00:06RanfftSchnell, reibungslos - danke!

The last puchases with neutral feedback

The last puchases with negative feedback

Please pay attention that on this market place not as many feedbacks are reached as e.g. on ebay. While there somebody may get thousands of feedbacks dealing with single screws, it is difficult to get numerous feedbacks here, where timepieces are the main subject. Moreover especially collectors timepieces are troublesome items now and then, and make transactions sometimes a little sticky.
Therefore only the last maximum each 10 positive, neutral, and negative feedback comments are displayed. This gives easily a survey, why bidfun members are happy with each other or not.
Of course the figures on the top are the most important information about a bidfun member. Especially the average prices for sales and purchases are important: They prevent that a member gains a good reputation with lots of cheap items, and then does a couple of sticky deals with expensive objects.

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