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56: Gents Automatic, Tank-Shape, Big, Day/Date, ca. 1960

Accessories: none
Case: golden badge: Camy - Stainless Steel Back - bezel nickel silver 20µm pink-gold plated, plastic crystal with date loupe, signed crown, steel container, monoshell case: the case is pressed together with crystal and gasket into the bezel with four screws, 30x41.5mm
Band: leather
Dial: Automatic - silvered, applied logo, digits and markers, luminous dots
Movement: Camy, Swiss Made, 30 Jewels - CX - calibre Felsa 4009, Geneva stripes, 30 jewels, jewel-bearing rotor, monometallic screw balance, Incabloc
Day: German, set by +/-24h
Date: set by changing 21:15-24h
Condition: C1, B0, D1-2, M1

All you need
Tank-shape watches are beauties, but almost always you must be satisfied with a hardly protected manual-wind movement in a tiny case. But already in 1960 few of such watches were available wiith all, one may desire today: Automatic, waterprotected, day and date, and even fairly big.

Basics for this Description

Kind of sale
on commission base

Accepted kinds of payment
wire transfer before delivery
cash when picked up

Further conditions
14 days return privilege

Charge for each shipment
if not else mentioned for shipping, packaging, insurance
Deutschland/Germany EUR 7.00
EU and Switzerland EUR 16.00
Worldwide EUR 28.00
Auction - Closed
Seller Ranfft
Time 3-3-21, 15:25:04
Closes 2-24-21, 17:05:10
earliest 5 min after last bid
Bids 15
High bid EUR 173.00 (~CHF 186.57)
Reserve EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)
Buyer Hanover

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BidderTime High bidReserve
Start1-27-21, 17:19:53-EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)
Hanover2-8-21, 17:04:47EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)
Hanover2-10-21, 13:53:31EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)
Rolihh2-20-21, 13:31:40EUR 126.00 (~CHF 135.88)EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)
Hanover2-20-21, 13:31:40EUR 129.00 (~CHF 139.12)EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)
Rolihh2-23-21, 17:14:51EUR 132.00 (~CHF 142.35)EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)
Hanover2-23-21, 17:14:51EUR 135.00 (~CHF 145.59)EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)
Hanover2-23-21, 19:23:16EUR 135.00 (~CHF 145.59)EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)
Rolihh2-24-21, 14:50:55EUR 138.00 (~CHF 148.82)EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)
Hanover2-24-21, 14:50:55EUR 141.00 (~CHF 152.06)EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)
Rolihh2-24-21, 16:52:55EUR 144.00 (~CHF 155.29)EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)
Hanover2-24-21, 16:52:55EUR 147.00 (~CHF 158.53)EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)
Rolihh2-24-21, 16:59:56EUR 160.00 (~CHF 172.55)EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)
Hanover2-24-21, 16:59:56EUR 163.00 (~CHF 175.78)EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)
Rolihh2-24-21, 17:00:10EUR 170.00 (~CHF 183.33)EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)
Hanover2-24-21, 17:00:10EUR 173.00 (~CHF 186.57)EUR 120.00 (~CHF 129.41)

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