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Hi Folks,
apparently I was dead as a doornail since months, but only apparently. I'm running fairly again, enough to reanimate my watch activities again. It will take some time for all divisions, but it will be successful finally.
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picturesELGIN NATL WATCH Military Timer 10 sec 15 Jewelsbuy now12-10-22, 22:000~CHF -.--~CHF 185.77
picturesGent's Pocket Watch Chronometer Movement special hairspringbuy now12-22-22, 21:210~CHF -.--~CHF 103.21
picturesTimer Sinn Rattrapante 60 sec and 12 hr Counter - very rarebuy now12-22-22, 21:410~CHF -.--~CHF 348.93
picturesTimer TIM 1 min manual - Jules Racine SWISS - Fly backbuy now12-22-22, 21:410~CHF -.--~CHF 83.55
picturesGent's Timer EXCELSIOR PARK Rattrapante (Split Second) 30 min Counter  12-22-22, 22:000~CHF -.--~CHF 181.84
picturesTAU Timer Gallet 30 min. Counter with fly back - manually wind 12-22-22, 22:000~CHF -.--~CHF 93.38
picturesGent'sNERO LEMANIA Pocket Timer 30 min - Rattrapante Militarybuy now12-22-22, 22:000~CHF -.--~CHF 211.33
picturesGent's PIERPONT Militaer Stil manual Landeron Cal. 2124 buy now12-22-22, 22:000~CHF -.--~CHF 132.69
picturesGent's Pocket Watch Longines buy now12-22-22, 22:000~CHF -.--~CHF 211.33
picturesGent's OMEGA Pocket Watch vintage steel casebuy now12-22-22, 22:000~CHF -.--~CHF 221.16
picturesPALLAS PARA FRACKUHR Kal. AS 1458/59 12-25-22, 19:310~CHF -.--~CHF 24.57
picturesGALLET STOPPUHR Kal Racine-Enicar (NOS?)  12-25-22, 19:310~CHF -.--~CHF 73.72
picturesFAVOR HTU Silber 12-25-22, 19:310~CHF -.--~CHF 38.33
picturesGALLET STOPPUHR (?) TYLOR PATENT Kal. RACINE-ENICAR 12-25-22, 19:310~CHF -.--~CHF 77.65
picturesL`alouette Taschenuhr ca. 1920  12-25-22, 19:310~CHF -.--~CHF 24.57
picturesDeCave Taschenuhr 12-25-22, 19:310~CHF -.--~CHF 14.74
picturesEPPLER TAU Kal. Eplper 12-25-22, 19:310~CHF -.--~CHF 14.74

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