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Two Lume Pastes

Either zinc-sulphide based for partial restauration of old lume or Luminova for bright and long glow,

Both are not claimed to be the best and/or cheapest, since best and cheapest are enough out there. They are just optimized for easiest application and best durability.
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picturesZENTRA HAU Kal. Bifora 934SC closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 35.08
picturesROAMER ROTOPOWER Kal. MST 420 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 104.14
picturesZENTRA Kal. 146 (Buren14) ca. 1930 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 829.86
picturesJUNGHANS HAU Kal. 80 v. 1953 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 53.72
picturesHERCULES HAU Kal. HPP 126 ca. 1955  closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 53.72
picturesMAUTHE 100.000 KM VW Kal. 610  closing today   19:301~CHF 86.60~CHF 86.60
picturesCHEZARD FLIEGERUHR ungetragen FULL SET Kal. ETA 2842  closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 262.00
picturesSLAVA AUTOMATIK Kal. 2427 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 71.26
picturesBUREN AUTOMATIK Kal. 542 ca. 1950 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 185.27
picturesKIENZLE VOLKSAUTOMATIK Kal. 57/19 ca. 1950 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 75.64
picturesTELL HAU Kal. FEF ca. 1950 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 86.60
picturesNISUS HAU Kal. AS 1187 ca. 1950 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 42.75
picturesEDOX ALFETTA Kal. FE 140 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 53.72
picturesTUDOR/ROLEX PRINCE OYSTER SELF-WINDING closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 1419.64
picturesSTOWA HAU Kal. AS 1187 ca. 1950 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 82.22
picturesEBERHARD & CO. AUTOMATIK Kal. 252-123  closing today   19:301~CHF 207.19~CHF 207.19
picturesCITIZEN HAU AUTOMATIK 6001  closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 53.72
picturesAVALON HAU KAL. AS 1002 ca. 1940 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 42.75
picturesEDEN Hau Kal. EB 1553 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 35.08
picturesHAU RECORD Kal. 106 9k Gold c. 1930 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 196.23
picturesLACO SPORT Kal. Durowe 425 v. 1955  closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 64.68
picturesNEW HEAVEN DOLLAR WATCH ca. 1940 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 31.79
picturesSEIKO SEAHORSE Kal. 4361 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 64.68
picturesVALSON AUTOMATIK Kal. PUW 1351 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 64.68
picturesDUGENA FESTA Kal. 985 (ETA 2391) ca. 1960 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 38.37
picturesKIENZLE Kal. 051A/52 closing today   19:301~CHF 18.64~CHF 18.64
picturesEDOX DELFIN AUTOMATIK Kal. ETA 2783 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 97.57
picturesZENTRA Kal. 144 (Bifora 812) ca. 1930 closing today   19:301~CHF 53.72~CHF 53.72
picturesTERLANA HAU Kal. AS 1130 – Edelstahl  closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 141.42
picturesGRÜTTERT HAU Kal. Guba 1050SC closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 53.72
picturesCITO HAU Kal. ETA 1080 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 42.75
picturesLUMEX CHRONOGRAPH Kal. Landeron 248 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 262.00
picturesDOGMA HAU Kal AS 1130 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 97.57
picturesULYSSE NARDIN HAU ca. 1960 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 542.64
picturesSTOWA HAU Kal. Recta 6 ca. 1940( closing today   19:302~CHF 174.30~CHF 174.30
picturesTUDOR HERRENUHR 375 Gold ca. 1960 (495) closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 542.64
picturesMARS AUTOMATIK Kal. ETA 1258 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 64.68
picturesLUGA HAU Kal. FHF 25 ca. 1950 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 64.68
picturesANKER HAU Kal. HB 115 ca. 1950  closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 20.83
picturesEFRICO HAU Kal. PUW 360 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 53.72
picturesULYSSE NARDIN AUTOMATIK ca. 1960 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 981.14
picturesTUDOR OYSTER ROYAL ca. 1964 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 1040.34
picturesTUDOR SMALL ROSE HAU ca. 1955  closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 426.44
picturesFELCA SPORTMASTER AUTOMATIK Kal. AS 1351N closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 97.57
picturesSTOWA PRECISION HAU von 1946  closing today   19:301~CHF 119.49~CHF 119.49
picturesCAMY SUPERAUTOMATIK JETKING closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 71.26
picturesARSA HAU Kal. UNITAS 6310 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 130.45
picturesTÄRNAN DAU Kal. AS 970 closing today   19:301~CHF 20.83~CHF 20.83
picturesARCTOS HAU Kal. Felsa 790 miit Feinregulage closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 86.60
picturesTUDOR HAU ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 542.64
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