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Hi Folks,
apparently I was dead as a doornail since months, but only apparently. I'm running fairly again, enough to reanimate my watch activities again. It will take some time for all divisions, but it will be successful finally.
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picturesnewly listedBERGANA AUTOMATIK HAU EDELSTAHL mit Grünem Zifferblatt ( 9-4-22, 19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 64.68
picturesnewly listedEXQUISIT AUTOMATIK SCUBA 9-4-22, 19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 97.57
picturesnewly listedDUWARD GENEVE AQUASTARLET DAU Kal. ETA 2551 9-4-22, 19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 53.72
picturesnewly listedBWC AUTOMATIK HAU Kal. ETA 2452 ca. 1965 9-4-22, 19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 75.64
picturesnewly listedLANCO HAU AUTOMATIK Kal. 1146 9-4-22, 19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 71.26
picturesnewly listedARCTOS HAU Kal. Felsa 790 mit Feinregulage 9-4-22, 19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 82.22
picturesnewly listedPROGRESS HAU AUTOMATIK Kal. Felsa 4009 9-4-22, 19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 60.29
picturesnewly listedBENRUS SEALION AUTOMATIK  9-4-22, 19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 86.60
picturesnewly listedSLAVA AUTOMATIK Kal. 2427 9-4-22, 19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 49.33
picturesnewly listedFELCA SPORTMASTER AUTOMATIK Kal. AS 1351N 9-4-22, 19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 86.60
picturesnewly listedBWC AUTOMATIK STAHL - Kal. ETA 2783 9-4-22, 19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 71.26
picturesnewly listedCAMY SUPERAUTOMATIK JETKING 9-4-22, 19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 71.26
picturesnewly listedCITIZEN HAU AUTOMATIK 6001  9-4-22, 19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 49.33
picturesnewly listedCITIZEN AUTOMATIK Kal. 8200A 9-4-22, 19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 53.72
picturesnewly listedPRECIMAX AUTOMATIK Kal. ETA 2783 9-4-22, 19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 53.72
picturesnewly listedARSAMATIC DAU Kal. ETA 2551 9-4-22, 19:300~CHF -.--~CHF 31.79
picturesnewly listedALSI HAU AUTOMATIK Kal. ETA 2783 9-4-22, 19:310~CHF -.--~CHF 93.18
picturesnewly listedSEIKO AUTOMATIK 7006-8040 9-4-22, 19:310~CHF -.--~CHF 93.18

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