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947: Gents Gruen Veri-Thin Precision Manual Wind, ca. 1945

Accessories: none
Case: K137615, Gruen - 420-596, Cased and Timed in U.S.A. by Gruen Watch Co., Keystone, 10 K Gold Filled Bezel, Steel Back - 10K gold filled, mineral crystal, signed crown, curved steel push back, 28x36.5mm
Band: leather
Dial:Gruen Veri-Thin Precision , Switzerland - silvered, sunk sub second, raised digits
Movement: 3042, B473042, GXC, Gruen Watch Co, Switzerland, Veri-Thin Patented, Precision, 17 Jewels, Unadjusted - * - calibre Gruen 420, 17 jewels, stem mechanism without setting-lever spring, monometallic screw balance, Breguet hairspring
Condition: C1, B0, D1, M0-1

Curved Watches
Gruen realized watches curved to comfortably fit a wrist in two ways:
1) The curved Curvex movement.
2) The low profile Veri-Thin movement like here.
Both ask for proper engineering if a big balance and a Breguet hairspring are to be implemented.
Such a watch is not cheap. They are classics anyway, thus everybodies darling. The condition is scarcely good; they are rather comfortable to wear, and therefore usually worn out. Moreover, the cases were poorly protected against humidity, leading to corrosion on the dial, and sometimes even on the movement.
There is a Gruen Projekt in the Internet, which collected already lots of informations.

Basics for this Description

Kind of sale
on commission base

Accepted kinds of payment
wire transfer before delivery
cash when picked up

Further conditions
14 days return privilege

Charge for each shipment
if not else mentioned for shipping, packaging, insurance
Deutschland/Germany EUR 7.00
EU and Switzerland EUR 16.00
Worldwide EUR 28.00
Auction - Closed
Seller Ranfft
Time 3-1-21, 5:01:48
Closes 10-30-19, 17:00:10
earliest 5 min after last bid
Bids 22
High bid EUR 258.00 (~UKŁ 234.52)
Reserve EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Buyer Kalibrix

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BidderTime High bidReserve
Start10-24-19, 16:52:30-EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Joeketti10-26-19, 11:46:15EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Kalibrix10-30-19, 14:55:28EUR 113.00 (~UKŁ 102.72)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Joeketti10-30-19, 15:44:59EUR 123.00 (~UKŁ 111.81)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Duschko10-30-19, 15:59:03EUR 136.00 (~UKŁ 123.62)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Joeketti10-30-19, 15:59:03EUR 139.00 (~UKŁ 126.35)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Duschko10-30-19, 16:00:00EUR 146.00 (~UKŁ 132.71)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Joeketti10-30-19, 16:00:00EUR 149.00 (~UKŁ 135.44)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Duschko10-30-19, 16:00:53EUR 153.00 (~UKŁ 139.08)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Joeketti10-30-19, 16:10:09EUR 160.00 (~UKŁ 145.44)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Kalibrix10-30-19, 16:18:11EUR 180.00 (~UKŁ 163.62)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Joeketti10-30-19, 16:18:11EUR 183.00 (~UKŁ 166.34)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Kalibrix10-30-19, 16:18:58EUR 196.00 (~UKŁ 178.16)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Joeketti10-30-19, 16:42:52EUR 203.00 (~UKŁ 184.52)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Kalibrix10-30-19, 16:44:57EUR 220.00 (~UKŁ 199.98)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Joeketti10-30-19, 16:44:57EUR 223.00 (~UKŁ 202.70)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Kalibrix10-30-19, 16:45:28EUR 230.00 (~UKŁ 209.07)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Joeketti10-30-19, 16:45:28EUR 233.00 (~UKŁ 211.79)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Kalibrix10-30-19, 16:46:00EUR 240.00 (~UKŁ 218.16)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Joeketti10-30-19, 16:46:00EUR 243.00 (~UKŁ 220.88)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Kalibrix10-30-19, 16:46:28EUR 250.00 (~UKŁ 227.25)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Joeketti10-30-19, 16:46:28EUR 253.00 (~UKŁ 229.97)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)
Kalibrix10-30-19, 16:46:58EUR 258.00 (~UKŁ 234.52)EUR 105.00 (~UKŁ 95.44)

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