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Two Lume Pastes

Either zinc-sulphide based for partial restauration of old lume or Luminova for bright and long glow,

Both are not claimed to be the best and/or cheapest, since best and cheapest are enough out there. They are just optimized for easiest application and best durability.
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 Item ClosesBidsHigh bidReserve
picturesHAU Poljot Alarm Wecker closing today   17:002~UKú 57.27~UKú 61.81
picturesTISSOT VISODATE SEASTAR PR 516 AUTOMATIK closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 80.90
picturesLIP SPORTVILLE AUTOMATIK DAU closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 20.00
picturesLANCO HAU AUTOMATIK Kal. 1233  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 62.72
picturesPLANESA HAU PENDELAUTOMAT Kal. AS1250 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 80.90
picturesCERTINA ARGONAUT Kal. 25-651 Automatik closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 86.35
picturesLANCO AUTOMATIK Kal. 1146  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 62.72
picturesTISSOT SEASTAR PR516 Automatik Kal 784-2 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 80.90
picturesORIOSA AUTOMATIK Kal. ETA 2789 ľ EDELSTAHL closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 80.90
picturesBWC AUTOMATIK STAHL - Kal. ETA 2783 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 59.08
picturesREVUE HAU AUTOMATIK Kal. 80N closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 71.81
picturesBENRUS SEALION AUTOMATIK  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 62.72
picturesPRONTO TROPIC MASTER AUTOMATIK Kal. AS 1361N closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 59.08
picturesTISSOT SEASTAR AUTOMATIK  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 108.17
picturesETERNAMATIC CENTENAIRE Kal. 1481K closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 86.35
picturesGLYCINE COMPRESSOR AUTOMATIK Kal. ETA 2472 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 77.26
picturesROAMER AUTOMATIK D+D Kal. MST 478 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 68.17
picturesLANCO HAU Kal. 784-2  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 62.72
picturesTISSOT SEASTAR AUTOMATIK Kal. 784-2 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 99.08
picturesJUWEL AUTOMATIK Kal. ETA 2452-Edelstahl closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 71.81
picturesFELCA AUTOMATIK Kal. AS 1361N closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 62.72
picturesERNEST BOREL AUTO. Kal. AS 1361-Edelstahl-Feinregulage v. 1953 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 99.08
pictures PRONTO TROPIC MASTER Kal. AS1361N closing today   19:301~UKú 89.99~UKú 89.99
picturesRECTA HAU AUTOMATIK- Kal. Felsa 415 EDLSTAHL closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 59.08
picturesPOLJOT AUTOMATIK Kal. 2416 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 44.54
picturesLUSINA GENEVE Automatik Kal. ETA 2783  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 53.63
picturesETERNA MATIC Kal 1194 ca. 1950  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 71.81
picturesROAMER PENDELAUTOMATIIK ca. 1950 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 89.99
picturesTRADITION HAU AUTOMATIK ca. 1965 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 80.90
picturesTISSOT AUTOMATIK 516GL Kal. 2481 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 71.81
picturesAQUASTAR GENEVE SEATIME Automatik ca. 1965 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 86.35
picturesARLY LUXOMATIC Kal. ETA 2472 ca. 1965 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 71.81
picturesCITIZEN AUTOMATIK Kal. 6001 ca. 1970  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 44.54
picturesPRECIMAX PRECIMASTER -COMPRESSOR AUTO closing today   19:310~UKú -.--~UKú 77.26
picturesTISSOT SEASTAR Kal. 784-2 AUTOMATIK  closing today   19:310~UKú -.--~UKú 99.08
picturesHELOISA DE LUXE AUTOMATIK COMPRESSOR Kal. AS 1717 closing today   19:310~UKú -.--~UKú 68.17
pictures WESTFIELD (BULOVA) Kal. 10B ca. 1925  12-6-20, 19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 86.35
picturesHELBROS AUTO Kal. 216 (AS 1488N) -Gangreserveanzeige 12-6-20, 19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 122.71
picturesZENTRA SOLA Kal. 235 (VENUS 130) 12-6-20, 19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 68.17
picturesEXITA SPORT EPORA AUTOMAT Kal. Otero 48  12-6-20, 19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 86.35
picturesALTESSA HAU Kal. PUW 60 ca. 1955  12-6-20, 19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 44.54
picturesDUGENA PRECISION Kal. 996 ľ Helvetia 830 12-6-20, 19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 59.08
picturesKIENZLE VOLKSAUTOMATIK Kal. 57/19 12-6-20, 19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 68.17
picturesLACO HAU Kal. 550 ca. 1940  12-6-20, 19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 31.81
picturesBIFORA AUTOMATIK Kal. 111 12-6-20, 19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 80.90
picturesTRUMPF HAU Kal. Otero 44 ca. 1950  12-6-20, 19:301~UKú 31.81~UKú 31.81
picturesELDONA HAU Kal. Otero 30  12-6-20, 19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 53.63
picturesLACO SPORT Kal. Durowe 552 von 1952 12-6-20, 19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 68.17
picturesSEPO EPORA AUTOMAT Kal. 48 12-6-20, 19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 71.81
picturesLACO SPORT Kal. 425 ca. 1955 12-6-20, 19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 71.81
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