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Hi Folks,
apparently I was dead as a doornail since months, but only apparently. I'm running fairly again, enough to reanimate my watch activities again. It will take some time for all divisions, but it will be successful finally.
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picturesWALTHAM HAU Kal. 750-B ca. 1935 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 29.43
picturesRODOS Hau Kal. Felsa 465 ca. 1950 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 20.77
picturesMAMACO HAU Kal. Jeambrun PS31 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
picturesDOXA Kal. 9 RECTAN ca. 1950  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 51.07
picturesSLAVA POPJEDA Kal. ZIM 2602 ca. 1950 closing today   19:301~UKú 25.10~UKú 25.10
picturesAEOLIAN Kal. AS 970 ca. 1940  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
picturesPOLJOT ARMBANDWECKER Neuw. closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 72.71
picturesWINTON HAU ca. 1930  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 29.43
picturesWESTFIELD (Bulova) HAU Kal. 10AS ca. 1935  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 38.08
picturesTEXIN HAU Kal. Lorsa P72 ca. 1965  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 16.45
picturesLANCO HAU Kal. 781-1 (Tissot) ca. 1970  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 51.07
picturesANCRE HAU Kal . Arogno (?) ca. 1940 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
picturesFAVOR HAU Kal. UNITAS 176 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 59.72
picturesJAGU HAU ca. 1950 closing today   19:301~UKú 29.43~UKú 29.43
picturesFELSUS HAU Kal. AS 1220 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 29.43
picturesDILA (OTTO FREY) Kal. FRECO 20 (seltenst)  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 29.43
picturesWILSON HAU ca. 1969 ľ NOS closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 55.40
picturesEXACTA-SLAVA Kal. 2414 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 16.45
picturesCELLY HAU Kal. CUPILLARD 233 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 20.77
picturesELGIN HAU Kal 8/0 ca. 1945  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 51.07
picturesPIERPONT Hau ca. 1940 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
picturesPOLJOT ARMBANDWECKER  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 72.71
picturesPRONTO SUPERLUX Kal. AS 1560 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 59.72
picturesVALORY HAU Kal. AS 1220 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 30.29
picturesPHENIX-ETOILE HAU Kal. Phenix 350 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 64.05
picturesWESTFIELD-BULOVA WATERTITE  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 55.40
picturesORIS HAU Kal. 611 Kif ca. 1965 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 51.07
picturesNOVARIS (ORIS) Kal 200T1 ca. 1940 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 51.07
picturesPLANESA HAU Kal. PHENIX 130SC closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 77.03
picturesGOTHAM Kal ETA? ca. 1950  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
picturesBOSTOL HAU ca. 1950 Kal. FEF 380  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 42.41
picturesBULOVA HAU Kal. 10AN ca. 1930 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 33.76
picturesFELTER HAU ca. 1970 NOS  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 51.07
picturesREVUE HAU Kal. Buser 115/25A ca. 1970 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 42.41
picturesHELBROS HAU Kal. ETA 1000 ca. 1948  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 33.76
picturesTISSOT HAU Kal. 17.5.1 ca. 1950 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 55.40
picturesZENTRA SAVOY Kal. Hamilton 60 ca. 1960 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
picturesSOLO HAU Kal. Solo7 ca. 1940  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 29.43
picturesARMBANDUHR ohne Bezeichnung ca. 1930 unbek. Formwerk closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
picturesHERRENUHR RECTAN ca. 1930 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 30.29
picturesCLIPPER Hau Kal 1186 closing today   19:301~UKú 12.12~UKú 12.12
picturesGALA HAU Kal. LIENGME SHOCK-STOP  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 51.07
picturesADORA HAU Kal.Arogno 190N  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
picturesASEIKON SUPER 23 ca. 1970  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 16.45
picturesANCRE HAU ca. 1950 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 20.77
picturesJOVIAL HAU Kal. FHF 26 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
picturesPOLJOT-COLUMBUS ARMBANDWECKER (NOS) closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 72.71
picturesPHENIX HAU Kal. 180 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 59.72
picturesANKER HAU Kal. Parrenin 60A  closing today   19:310~UKú -.--~UKú 16.45
picturesDOXA HAU ca. 1940 closing today   19:310~UKú -.--~UKú 59.72
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