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Hi Folks,
apparently I was dead as a doornail since months, but only apparently. I'm running fairly again, enough to reanimate my watch activities again. It will take some time for all divisions, but it will be successful finally.
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picturesPOLJOT ARMBANDWECKER Edeslstahl- Neuw.  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 82.23
picturesMAURICE LACROIX PONTOS AUTOMATIC closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 250.15
picturesARSA HAU Kal. UNITAS 6310 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 68.38
picturesGRUEN VERI THIN Kal. 430 ca. 1940  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 111.66
picturesTUDOR/ROLEX PRINCE OYSTER SELF-WINDING closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 760.82
picturesPHENIX ROLLAMATIC Kal. 200 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 163.59
picturesELGIN DeLUXE Kal. 683 ca. 1950  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 198.21
picturesREVUE HAU Kal. MSR T46 ca. 1970  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 68.38
picturesZENITH HAU Kal. 40 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 215.52
picturesROTARY ORIGINALS TRADITION HAU Kal. SW200 -ungetragen closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 250.15
picturesLANCO HAU Kal. 2280 (TISSOT) NOS closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 111.66
picturesTISSOT 1853 T-LORD Automatik closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 206.87
picturesCYMA TRIPLEX Kal. 416 ca. 1950  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 128.97
picturesARA HERRENUHR PENDELAUTOMATIK Kal. Ebosa 27 ca. 1950 - Rar closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 146.28
picturesPHENIX ROLLAMATIC Kal. 200 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 146.28
picturesSTOWA HAU Kal. 131 ca. 1950 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 154.93
picturesGarland -Ball Indimatic - Gangreserveanzeige closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 128.97
picturesTUDOR HAU ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 388.63
picturesULYSSE NARDIN AUTOMATIK ca. 1960 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 561.74
picturesSEIKOMATIC Kal. 603 J14075D  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 103.00
picturesLEVRETTE HAU Kal. 21 ca. 1930 - Sterling closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 68.38
picturesCHEZARD FLIEGERUHR ungetragen FULL SET Kal. ETA 2842  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 128.97
picturesFLORE (BOVET) AERZTECHRONO Kal. Loewenthal 15 1/2 ca. 1940 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 561.74
picturesASTIN HAMMERAUTOMATIK HAU ca. 1950 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 111.66
picturesMARCELLO C TANK AUTOMATIK closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 82.23
picturesPIERCE HAU Kal. 103SC ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 94.35
picturesROTARY ELITE AUTOMATIK Kal. ETA 2824-2 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 160.13
picturesGRUEN DAU Kal. 835 (ROLEX 200) ca. 1930  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 82.23
picturesTELLUS Hau. Kal. CORTEBERT 605B ca.  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 120.31
picturesARSA ALERTIC ARMBANDWECKER Kal. 1568  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 111.66
picturesTISSOT CARSON CHRONOGRAPH AUTOMATIK TO85.427A closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 276.11
picturesPHENIX Kal. 130 (STOP)  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 180.90
picturesGLYCINE VACUUM AUTOMATIK closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 180.90
picturesTUDOR HAU 9K Gold ca. 1930 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 345.36
picturesTUDOR OYSTER ROYAL ca. 1964 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 656.96
picturesLeCoultre Hau Kal. 11LO ca. 1940 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 648.30
picturesCYMA CYMAFLEX Kal. R.459 ca. 1950  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 128.97
picturesOPTIMA SWISS MADE AUTOMATIK HAU Kal. STP 1-11 Neu Full Set  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 128.97
picturesLANCO AUTOMATIK Kal. 1233 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 103.00
picturesMAJEX HAU 9K GOLD (ENGLAND)  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 154.93
picturesMAJEX HAU 9K GOLD -ENGLAND  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 154.93
picturesMARCELLO C NETTUNO 3 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 241.49
picturesHAMILTON MILTON Kal. 982 ca. 1945  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 137.62
picturesHELBROS AUTO Kal. 216 (AS 1488N) -Gangreserveanzeige closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 111.66
picturesACCURIST HAU Kal. Enicar 410 ca. 1950 closing today   19:310~UKú -.--~UKú 82.23
 Camy 21 jewels buy now4-4-23, 17:000~UKú -.--~UKú 76.17
picturesBulova Curvex Stil um 1940 4-4-23, 17:000~UKú -.--~UKú 45.01
picturesMIDO Ocean Star Powerwind 4-4-23, 17:000~UKú -.--~UKú 133.30
picturesGent's Minu-Stop Parking Timer Siluett Durowe Cal. 471 gold plated NOSbuy now4-5-23, 21:210~UKú -.--~UKú 428.45
picturesGent's POLJOT BURAN MIG 29 Chronograph Cal. 3133 buy now4-5-23, 21:410~UKú -.--~UKú 250.15
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