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Hi Folks,
apparently I was dead as a doornail since months, but only apparently. I'm running fairly again, enough to reanimate my watch activities again. It will take some time for all divisions, but it will be successful finally.
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picturesBIFORA STRATOS Kal. 130 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 51.07
picturesKIENZLE VOLKSAUTOMATIK Kal. 57/19 von ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 59.72
picturesAROWE HAU Kal. PUW 60-61 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
pictures DUGENA HAU Kal. Osco 52 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 16.45
picturesHERCULES HAU Kal. HPP 103 ľ MAGIRUS DEUTZ  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 59.72
picturesCYCLON HAU Kal. Femga 502 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 42.41
picturesKOHA HAU Kal. Otero 24 ca. 1950 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 33.76
picturesZENTRA HAU Kal. 270 ca. 1940 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 51.07
picturesZENTRA Kal. DUROWE 1258 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
picturesHANHART HAU ca. 1950 Kal 126 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 68.38
picturesG▄THRA AUTOMATIK HAU Kal. PUW 1561 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 38.08
picturesAUREOLE Kal. FEF 350 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
picturesPOLJOT ARMBANDWECKER Edeslstahl- Neuw.  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 77.03
picturesDUGENA FESTA Kal. Durowe 422 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 68.38
picturesEXQUISIT AUTOMATIK 5K Kal. Durowe 7525  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 38.08
picturesZENTRA CORNETT HAU Kal. Otero 44 ca. 1965 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
picturesUMF HAU Kal. M69 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 12.12
picturesJUNGHANS HAU Kal. 620.00 v, Nov 1966 closing today   19:301~UKú 29.43~UKú 29.43
picturesBIFORA HAU Automatik Kal.910 ca. 1964 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 38.08
picturesDUGENA HAU Kal. 1162 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
picturesLACO SPORT Kal. Durowe 425 v. 1955  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 51.07
picturesVOIGT (ATLANTIC) Automatik Kal.Durowe 552 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 64.05
picturesZENTRA Kal. 146 (Buren14) ca. 1930 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 51.07
picturesESCH HAU Kal. Durowe 410 ca. 1945 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 42.41
pictures ZENTRA AUTOMATIK Kal. ETA 2451 ca. 1965 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 46.74
picturesEFRICO HAU Kal. PUW 360 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 38.08
picturesSTOWA DAU SCUBA ca. 1960 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 33.76
picturesBIFORA HAU Kal. 2025 ca. 1935 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
picturesLACO SPORT Automatik Kal. Durowe 552  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 77.03
picturesZENTRA SOLA Kal. 235 (VENUS 130) closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 59.72
picturesHERDOSA HAU Kal. F÷rster 80 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 38.08
picturesROXY AUTOMATIK Kal. FB 197 ca. 1965 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 42.41
picturesFIRST HAU Kal. HB115 ca. 1955  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 42.41
picturesZEITPUNKT HAU Kal. Kasper 700 ca. 1950 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 38.08
picturesJUNGHANS HAU Kal. 620.12 ca. 1969  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 29.43
picturesBIFORA HAU Kal.115 ca. 1969 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 51.07
picturesKIENZLE VOLKSAUTOMATIK Kal. 57/17a ľ Magirus Deutz ca. 1955 closing today   19:301~UKú 59.72~UKú 59.72
picturesEXELLENT SUPER AUTOMATIK Kal. PUW 1461 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 42.41
picturesLACO SPORT Kal. 527 ca. 1950 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 64.05
picturesLACO ARMBANDUHR Kal. Laco 550 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 38.08
picturesZENTRA AUTOMATIK Kal. Felsa 4000 ca. 1965  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
picturesBIFORA HAU Kal. 910/1 Edelstahl ca. 1970 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
picturesOTERO Kal. 22 ca. 1935 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 12.98
picturesISOMA DE LUXE Kal. HB120 ca. 1955 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 38.08
picturesDUGENA FESTA Kal. PUW 360 ca. 1960 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 25.10
picturesJUNGHANS HAU Kal. J93S1 ca. 1955  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 51.07
picturesLACO SPORT Kal. Durowe 425 closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 59.72
picturesELDONA HAU Kal. Otero 30  closing today   19:300~UKú -.--~UKú 38.08
picturesBIFORA HAU Automatik Kal.111 ca. 1950 closing today   19:310~UKú -.--~UKú 68.38
picturesBIFORA DAU Kal. 934 ca. 1955 closing today   19:310~UKú -.--~UKú 12.12
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