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5113: Banner Advertising, 100,000 Pageviews, 336 x 280 Pixel

Get informations here about banner advertising in this site - especially in the frequently visited movement archive.
Or log in here, and try out how it works - with any banner grafic from any public server.

Qualitfied Advertising
You can choose, on which pages of this site your banner appears.
You can enter separate banners and target URLs for English- and German speaking visitors.
You can choose the time periode over which your pageviews are spread.
You can check any time, how often your banner was clicked.
Your banner appears on the right of the archive pages
Last not least: Watch pages are the best place for watch advertising

Kind of sale

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wire transfer before delivery

Further conditions
cf. item description

Charge for each shipment
if not else mentioned for shipping, packaging, insurance
Deutschland/Germany 0
EU and Switzerland 0
Worldwide 0
Auction - Closed
Seller Ranfft
Time 8-8-22, 15:17:11
Closes 8-25-21, 17:00:01
earliest 5 min after last bid
Bids 0
High bid ~UKŁ -.--
Reserve EUR 90.00 (~UKŁ 77.14)

For seller only
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BidderTime High bidReserve
Start7-30-21, 18:24:23-EUR 90.00 (~UKŁ 77.14)

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