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picturesnewly listedGent's TISSOT Stylist manual Pocket Watch Cal. 2451 Dubleebuy now5-3-20, 22:000~UKŁ -.--~UKŁ 81.20
picturesnewly listedGent's Zenith Pocket Watch - Case Silverbuy now5-3-20, 22:000~UKŁ -.--~UKŁ 161.55
picturesnewly listedUK ELGIN Military Pocket Watch GSTP Broad Arrow WWII*buy now5-3-20, 22:000~UKŁ -.--~UKŁ 123.94
picturesnewly listedPocketwatch with Alarme - vintage -Cal. Langendorfbuy now5-7-20, 21:410~UKŁ -.--~UKŁ 144.46
picturesnewly listedGent's MEYLAN Decimal Timer Rattrapante 0.1 sec and 3 min Counter * buy now5-8-20, 21:000~UKŁ -.--~UKŁ 158.14
picturesnewly listedGent's Military Rattrapante 100 sec. Timer Landeron Cal. 14 Guinandbuy now5-8-20, 22:000~UKŁ -.--~UKŁ 221.39
picturesnewly listedGent's Timer EXCELSIOR PARK Rattrapante (Split Second) 30 min Counter  5-8-20, 22:000~UKŁ -.--~UKŁ 192.33
picturesnewly listedGent'sNERO LEMANIA Pocket Timer 30 min - Rattrapante Militarybuy now5-8-20, 22:000~UKŁ -.--~UKŁ 221.39
picturesnewly listedMilitary Pocket Watch Minerva WWIIbuy now5-8-20, 22:000~UKŁ -.--~UKŁ 192.33
picturesnewly listedGent's Pocket Watch Longines buy now5-8-20, 22:000~UKŁ -.--~UKŁ 200.87
picturesnewly listedGent's Pocket Watch Zenith - Steel Case - Cal. 18-28-1-P-Ebuy now5-8-20, 22:000~UKŁ -.--~UKŁ 209.42
picturesnewly listedGent's OMEGA Pocket Watch vintage steel casebuy now5-8-20, 22:000~UKŁ -.--~UKŁ 209.42
picturesnewly listedUK ZENITH Military Pocket Watch Broad Arrow WWIIbuy now5-8-20, 22:000~UKŁ -.--~UKŁ 209.42
picturesnewly listedGent's OMEGA Pocket Watch Cal. 18 LPB Steel Case buy now5-8-20, 22:000~UKŁ -.--~UKŁ 239.34

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