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Wasting money!

True for some advertising. And unforunately I don't know better than the professionals, how much an advertising Euro or Dollar returns, and in which time. But I'm too lazy to transform this deficit to a text  narcosis; thus an own experiment is the only option.

However, a watch-parts dealer advertised here, and stopped it after few months because he couldn't process the flood of additional orders. A pretty and even true story, but likely not the normal case.
5 Euro for a client!
It is at least imaginable: If after just 1000 pageviews of the smallest banner a visitor clicks to the banner, and just every tenth buys anything, 10,000 pageviews for EUR 5.00 bring one customer.

For advertising for watches and related items this is shurely a good place. You can expect more clicks to your site then from a site for alternative dancing art. Moreover you can select the categories, where your banner appears. The rest is done by the price:

€ 0.50   for 1000 pageviews, top 468 x 60 pixel
1.00    for 1000 pageviews, bottom  728 x 90 pixel
1.50    for 1000 pageviews, right 336 x 280 pixel

Still too expensive?
Then try your luck among Miscellaneous.
And now?

Simlpy register here:
Register, Clients
On the appearing page you'll find this button:
There you can order your advertising activity with few mouse clicks. Moreover you get statistics for every advertising contract, and can check, how many visitors click to your homepage. It's up to you, how many become your clients.
Still questions? 
Ask Emil, he knows almost everything.
email to Emil

Advertising is boring!

The seller must pay for it, and the buyer must see it - both no exciting aspects.

But there is no better option
Without advertising sellers and customers even don't find each other. So advertising helps - not only the one asking money for it.

Banner design
Investigations on this site proved that the most important feature of a banner is the relation beween supplier and supplied goods. Most banners are just viewed and not clicked; so they should transfer this relation to the brains. Further capabilities are less important, and it will need a professional to improve the efficiency of a banner reasonably.

Click rate
An important factor for the efficiency is the click rate, i.e. the ratio between clicks to the advertiser's site and number of pageviews. Dependent on the banner, on this site for each click 200 to 2000 pageviews are necessary. The prices for direct booking are set  to get the same profit like with Google advertizing. So the advertiser saves the third which Google asks. More interesting is that a watch enthousiast becomes more likely a customer after a click to a watch related site than to most other sites.

Banner size
Simultaneously small banners (468x60 pixel) and equivalent but double sized  (468x120 pixel) were tested. Hard to believe, but the double sized banners showed twice the click rate.

Advertising interrups
At the start of advertising, the click rate is a bit higher, but it tends to a constant value after few weeks. Anyway, pauses make no sense, because the missing clicks from the pause are never compensated during the following adverdising periode. Better is to change the banner after each couple of months: The higher click rate appears also after a change, and the pause is missing.

Different banners
Periodically one banner was included nine times, and another just once. Regardless which was applied only once, it got a higher click rate compared with the one applied nine times. However, the average click rate for both was not significantly different from one with only one banner. It's therefore not worth the effort.

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