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How to do right - for all

With charge

Ranfft Watches uses the trading platform bidfun home and thus its rules. For informations about these, click to bidfun home  anywhere.

But there are extended terms and conditions available. Real services for real money.

Items supported by these extra terms and conditions are signified by a pink background on the screen, and of course by the seller name "Ranfft".

Free of charge

The trading platform bidfun home is available to everybody free of charge. You can buy or sell almost everything, as long as there are no restrictions by laws. But there is no warranty given for buyers or sellers, both are self responsible for their activities, and must negotiate how to run and finish a transaction. If you post an item in a category presented in Ranfft Watches it will be displayed there, but also in the same cathegory of bidfun home and associated market places. For further information, click to  bidfun home anywhere.


Register here - but it's not necessary for the start. You can view everything without leaving a wide data stream in the Internet.

But if you want to join the party seriously, you must register on bidfun home. For this purpose there is the link "Register, Clients" in the navigation bar.

You may register on Ranfft Watchesbidfun home, or any other associated market place. The registration is valid for all and there is no difference with respect to privacy of your data. For further information, click  here.

If you want to give something to Ranfft Watches for selling it on commission base, registration is not necessary. Anonymity is then guaranteed without any restriction.


You choose within registration a user ID and only this is published. Only if you finish a transaction, the following data will be issued to your trading partner, or his agent, thus Ranfft Watches:
1) your email address to contact you
2) your shipping address
3) your prefered language, English or German, aswell as the currency

For self-posted items only the bidfun home rules apply. In this case, above mentioned data are exchanged between both trading partners. Ranfft Watches gives no warranty to buyer or seller; advertisements are just displayed in the lists of Ranfft Watches.

Only data urgently necessary to finish a transaction are issued. They are sent by email only to the involved trading partners. An access to any personal data via Internet is impossible.

For bidders

Bidding and buying

On bidfun home there are instructions how to do right. But it might be easier just to try it - disasters won't happen. But there are some important details:

Who offers?

Generally don't worry, whether the owner ist simultaneously the seller, or if he is represented by Ranfft Watches. There is no surcharge on the final price like in convetional auctions.

Why commission charge?

Ranfft Watches asks commission charge on closed auctions. It is included in the bid amount and not added. It is only mentioned to meet legal tax regulations.

An what do you get for the fee?

  • Consulting: You can get precise informations about each item before bidding.
  • Certain flexibility if problems arise - just a promise to try the best, no guarantee.
  • Return privilege: You may return every item within 14 days - without any reason. You just have to take care and costs for undamaged and  insured return shipment.
  • Items from private sellers are not subject of any guarantee exceeding the return privilege. But for items from commercial sellers, legal guarantee claimes are processed by Ranfft Watches. For instance for new ware a guarantee of 2 years is demanded by EU laws. Moreover sometimes a manufacturer guarantee is given. If and which kind of guarantee is given, is mentioned in the individual descriptions.
Still questions? 

Further information below; 

or ask Emil, he knows almost everything. 

email to Emil

For sellers

There are many bidfun home hints, how to do all by yourself. But for watches and accessories there is the option to leave the job to somebody else at a moderate charge: This means a predictable risk: No quarrel between owner and buyer, both can direct their claims to Ranfft Watches.
Sorry, this service is not available outside the EU, due to tax and duty problems. However, on request we'll find a way for a worldwide service.
The owner sends us his watch sufficiently packaged and insured. He should attach the commission order, nothing else.
We design the advertisement, and present it in the auction or on request immediately in the shop. For this job we'll later ask a sales commision.
Now the struggle starts. Bids and bidders are recorded on the item page.
The watch goes to the highest bid, if several are equal, to the earliest. Closing is indicated to the winning bidder by email.
The buyer transfers within 8 days the total, consisting of high bid and shipping charge. Delay for international transfer is of course taken into account. The watch will be shipped immediately after receipt of funds, of course sufficiently insured.
The seller gets the hig-bid amount reduced by the commission. This is 10% of the high bid, but at least EUR 10.00 and maximum EUR 199.00.
     For prices beyond EUR 100.00  the seller is never charged more than on ebay, but without any hassle with offering and selling, and likely with a reward from the buyer for a true description and a low risk.
     The buyer has a return privilege: He may return the item within 14 days without mentioning a reason. The seller must agree with this privilege.
Still questions? 

Further information below; 

or ask Emil, he knows almost everything.

email to Emil

How to do wrong

There are troubles sometimes

We don't enjoy troubles, and therefore try to manage conflicts as smooth as possible.

but they can be managed

The necessary patience we expect from both, sellers and buyers - we will be glad to do our part.
Internet servers are much more reliable than the  combination machine + Microsoft.  But they are not perfect - and fail here and there. We cannot guarantee to run the server without failure. But we will try to continue trading as good as possible, if a breakdown happens.
What happens after shipping damages or a total loss? When sending an item to us, the owner must care for proper packaging and  insurance (as high as the desired reserve). For shipping to the buyer, we take the risk. But he must at least check the package for damages, immediately after receiving it.
The owner is not happy with our advertisement, and this can't be improved with any modification. He may ask his item back, up to one week after introduction on the market place. Later he is obliged to stand to his offer.
And how about not sold items? Before returning them, we'll first ask the charge for insured shipping.
What, if up to the closing time no, or no sufficient bid is placed? The owner can decide either to sell lower than reserve, cancel his offer, or relist the item for another four weeks - may be with reduced reserve. For very special items the shop may be better: There the items can be offered up to one year, without relisting.
What happens if the buyer does not pay? We won't force him. But if this happens too often, we will not accept further bids from this person. If an equal or  lower bid was placed, we will offer the item to this bidder, if the owner aggrees.
What happens if the buyer is disappointed after receiving the item, because it doesn't meet the description after his oppinion? The buyer may return the item within 14 days and gets full refund. But he is responsible for damages or loss happened between receiving the item and its arrival at our front door. If a buyer often returns items without serious reasons, we feel free to exclude him from bidding. The owner must pay back the high-bid ammount, but can the item relisted free of charge.
Hot stuff: The item was stolen before - with or without knowledge of the sender. The buyer has the right to demand the total price including all charges back from the seller. For this reason we record data of buyer and seller as long as requested by law. But we don't issue any data unless forced by law, or without consent of the person they belong to.
Still questions? 

Ask Emil, he knows almost everything.

email to Emil

bidfun home
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